Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fern, the Ball Buster

Ed had a small bond brokerage business. He ran it from a small office with a computer and a phone. One of his clients would tell him they had some money to invest and Ed would line up someone wanting a loan and a deal would be made. Ed's percentage was small but the figures were big and it was extremely profitable and he was getting more and more business all the time. He needed an assistant.

Ed had met Linda at a convention the prior year. She was smart and worked for a large company. She knew the brokerage business inside-out. Ed offered her a job with a share of the profits. She jumped at it and joined Ed. They purchased another desk, computer, chair and an extra phone line and she was in business. Linda took a load of work off Ed and because she was so competent and friendly most of his clients didn't mind when Ed started transferring all the calls to Linda. Ed had time on his hands. He surfed the Internet and subscribed to a few porn sites. Before he knew it he was spending most of his time watching some woman beating a guys balls. Ed would get so exited he would slip into the small supply room and jerk off.

Linda knew what was going on and she was getting pretty angry. They had a profit sharing agreement and she was generating all the profit and giving most of it to Ed. Instead of working, Ed was in the supply room jerking off. One morning she decided that things had to change and Ed had to do some work. She stormed into the supply room while Ed was hard at it. She grabbed his nuts, gave them a squeeze and said he had to get to work - no more playing with himself. She marched him out of the supply room and sat him down at his desk and told him to take the next call or she would rip his balls right off.

Ed was stunned. He was sitting at his desk with a stiff hard-on and his pants around his ankles. Linda had him by his nuts. The phone rang and she told Ed to take the call and get to work. Linda went back to her desk, beside Ed's and kept an eye on him. Ed was working but slowly stroking himself. Linda moved her phone and computer over onto Ed's desk and she sat right beside him , holding him by his nuts and whenever he reached for his hard-on she gave them a tight squeeze. By the end of the day they had done a lot of work and in a few more days like that they should be almost caught up. She released Ed's nuts, told him to pull up his pants and go home.

Linda knew she couldn't work just with one arm and she also knew that as soon as she wasn't holding his nuts, Ed would be back to his old ways. Linda thought about it all the way home. When she got home she went next door to speak with Fern Nutter, a spinster who had recently lost her job. Fern was not much to look at. She wore her hair in a bun, had glasses and always wore sensible cloths. Linda went next door and told Fern she had a job she would like to offer her. Fern said she was not much on computers and her office skills were out of date. Linda laughed and explained that the skills she needed for this job never went out of date. She told her about the the problem she had with Ed and she was expecting Fern to reject it. She was asking Fern to make sure Ed didn't jerk off during office hours and the pay wasn't all that great. Fern said she liked the hours and she liked getting back into the work force and it sure sounded like Ed needed some help so she would be happy to start and would start right away.

The next morning Linda and Fern went in to work together. A few minutes later Ed came in and Linda introduced him to Fern. Linda told him that Fern was to be his monitor. They sat down, at his desk, side by side and Ed got to work, answering the phone and researching investments. After a while Ed said he had to get something from the supply room and went out back. After a couple of minutes when he hadn't come back Fern went into the supply room and caught Ed jerking off. She grabbed Ed by his nuts and hauled him out into the office. Ed was still jerking off with his pants around his ankles. Fern knew what to do. She separated one testicle from the other, wrapped her fingers below the right hand testicle so it was tight in Ed's scrotum. She took her other hands fingertips and pinched the testicle. Ed wailed in agony and Fern did it repeatedly. She told Ed she would stop if he got back to work but she kept a tight grip on Ed's right testicle. Fern made sure Ed took his share of phone calls and did a lot of the paperwork. At quitting time Fern let go of Ed's right nut. Ed staggered into the supply room to jerk off. Linda and Fern followed him in a few minutes later. They chuckled and shook their heads as they watched Ed jerking off and Fern said that he could jerk off today because he applied himself well to his work all day.

From then on things went very well. Fern sat beside Ed, who now took off his pants as soon as he arrived in the office. She got a good grip on his nuts and lightly squeezed them all day. Fern got a head set and acted as the telephone receptionist since that only took one hand. Linda was now running the business and she set daily business quotas for Ed. Fern would monitor his progress during the day and if he was ahead at noon she would allow him to masturbate - but not to come. After a while Fern developed a very proprietary view of Ed's nuts and dick, as far as Fern was concerned they belonged to her. Fern had become an expert ball buster.She stopped Ed jerking off. If there was to be any jerking off, Fern would do it. She loved bringing Ed right to the edge of a climax and then saying "That's it, back to work. No Ed, no begging and grovelling" Since she always kept a grip on his nuts Fern was in charge. Ed soon felt incomplete if Fern didn't have him by the nuts. They started dating and they loved to go to the movies and sit in a dark corner. Fern would have her hand down Ed's pants and slowly and tightly massage his nuts. She would watch the movie and Ed would be in his own version of heaven. Ed eventually moved in with Fern and occasionally Linda would hear her neighbors when Ed would scream in anguish and agony as Fern would occasionally remind Ed who was in charge.