Monday, August 10, 2009

Jane Swift, Postal Inpsector.

Ed loved his job at the post office. He was in charge of a small sub office in the suburbs and he had a couple of girls, Anne and Helen, who did the counter work and sorted and bagged the mail. Occasionally he had to help out but most of the time he sat in his office with his door locked, surfing porn sites and jerking off. He even designed and built an electric operated suck off machine from old postal equipment with a tube that he put over his hard-on and with his pants off he just laid back and it applied a wonderful suction and stroked up and down his hard-on. He could modulate the stroke down to where it could keep him right on the verge of a climax for hours on end.

Ed told the girls it was postal policy for security that he kept his door locked. Occasionally they wanted him to help out on the front counter and would bang on his door. If he was right out of it he wouldn't answer or he would shout that he was in the middle of an important postal matter and would talk to them later. Since it was a small sub station and the girls kept it operating efficiently they never received visits from an inspector, which suited Ed just fine.

One morning a postal inspector, Jane Swift, showed up. She was a trainee, recently on the job but wanting to make a name for herself. This was her first post office inspection without her trainer present. She wanted to do it right and by the book. She walked in and showed her postal badge to the girls and asked to speak to the sub-office supervisor. They took her down the hall and knocked on Ed's door. There was no answer. Jane asked where could Ed be. They said he was in his office on important postal matters, too busy to come to the door. Jane scoffed and said maybe he was injured or ill. She fished a master key out of her purse and opened the door.

Jane Swift stood in the door way and was transfixed. Anne and Helen were also transfixed. Ed was laying on the floor with his wonderful jerk off machine very slowly chugging away, up and down his hard-on. Ed was a bit of a neat freak and his pants were carefully hanging up on a hanger. His undershorts were beside the pants, neatly folded, along with his shoes and socks. He was naked from the waist down. This was something beyond anything Jane had come across in her training. She was flustered but intrigued. Except for the fellow in the window across from her apartment she had never seen a man with a hard-on and that guy used his hand, not the fancy machine Ed was using. The manual said the first thing was to introduce yourself to the station supervisor so she went over to Ed, looked down at him and said she was Jane Swift, postal inspector. Ed was right on the verge of a climax. He heard someone addressing him so he focused his eyes and looked up, right up Jane's skirt. Now it was Ed's turn to be transfixed. Her soft white thighs and the beautiful mound and crease in her panties bought Ed right to the edge of a climax. He didn't want the feeling to end so he pulled the sucking tube off his erection and it stood straight up, quivering. Jane pulled a chair up and looked down at Ed and said she was going to go down the inspection check list. She remembered the trainer had told her to try and get all the station staff involved in the inspection so she told Anne and Helen to pull up chairs and join her and Ed. So there were the three women sitting in a circle around Ed, flat on his back with his legs spread slowly stroking his hard-on.

Jane checked the manual to see if something like this was covered. It wasn't so she went right to the inspection check list. The first thing on the check list was a tidy station. Jane looked around and was impressed, right down to Ed's cloths, everything in his office was neat and tidy. Staff moral seemed high, both Anne and Helen had big grins and the occasional giggle and Ed seemed to be enjoying himself. Ed deserved high marks for ingenuity, his suck off machine was remarkable but Jane was concerned since it appeared to be made from parts of a mail sorting machine. Security was first rate with Ed's door being locked. The only thing that bothered Jane was Ed's behavior, he wasn't making the most use of his time. She asked the two girls and they said that Ed needed some discipline. Both Anne and Helen were outraged that all this time when they asked Ed for help he was in his office playing with himself. Jane asked Anne and Helen what they had in mind. Anne and Helen looked at Ed's naked nuts and smiled. Jane looked down at Ed and told him to stop what he was doing, put on his pants and get to work. Ed paid no attention so Jane read aloud the portion in the manual dealing with staff breaks, fifteen minutes per shift. Still no reaction from Ed. Helen asked Jane if she and Anne could have a try and Jane said they could try but nothing seemed to get through to Ed. Helen leaned forward in her chair and gave Ed a swift, hard swat across his nuts. Jane was amazed at the immediate change in Ed's behavior. He dropped his hard-on, grabbed his nuts and let out a howl of pain. Anne got out of her chair and hiked up her skirt and sat on Ed's face and pulled his arms and hands away from his nuts. Helen got up and crouched down on her knees between Ed's legs and grabbed his nuts and cradled them in the palm of her hand. She then started to slowly but firmly spank them. At first Ed struggled to get his arms free but eventually stopped fighting and just laid there with his arms at his side and his legs spread as Helen continued to spank Ed. His cries of agony were muffled by Anne's backside pressed down onto his face. Eventually the girls got up and stood over Ed and laughed as he laid on the floor, curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning. Then they said there were probably customers out front and they had better get back to the counter. Jane was impressed by their evident desire for customer service but she looked down at Ed and felt that he wasn't showing the same concern for customer service.

Jane sat down and read the manual where it covered what powers a postal inspector had when the inspector felt the delivery of the mail was imperilled. Jane hadn't thought much about it but her powers were considerable. She wrote up a preliminary report on her inspection of the sub station and listed the good things but also said that Ed was abusing his break time and the serious charge of using postal property for personal purposes. She then mitigated this charge by writing that he hadn't received monetary gain and the property had not left the post office so he was not to be terminated, just demoted. Helen was to be made acting supervisor and Anne as assistant supervisor and Ed became the junior employee.

A month later Jane made a surprise visit to the sub station and was impressed with the tidiness and general efficiency. She asked Helen if she had any trouble with Ed accepting her as the boss. Helen laughed and said to remind Ed who was in charge each morning she and Anne would spank his nuts and as a treat for good performance they would let him use the jerk off machine during his break periods. Jane knew that both methods of discipline and reward were not covered in the manual but she was quickly learning that not everything had to be exactly by the book, even the sight out back of Ed sorting mail with no pants on and some weights from an old scale tied to a string and the other end of the string tied around Ed's nuts. She asked Helen and she said that Anne had caught Ed jerking off in a corner and that was her form of punishment. From the look of anguish on Ed's face it seemed to be working.

From time to time Jane would stop by the sub station to start her day. The girls would let Jane spank Ed's nuts. Jane found it enjoyable and smacking some guy's nuts was a wonderful way to start the day. As an additional note, Jane counted the windows in the apartment building across from hers and figured out the apartment number of the guy across from her who walked around naked, jerking off and exposing himself. She went across to his building and went up and rang his door bell. He opened the door and Jane kicked him square in the nuts. For the next couple of days she saw him limping around his apartment and then he was at it again, naked and jerking off. Jane went over, he opend the door stark naked with his legs spread and Jane kicked him again in the nuts. Whenever she saw him naked and jerking off she went right over, knocked on his door and when he opened it , naked, and jerking off she would deliver a swift kick to his nuts. After a while Jane realized she was being used but she didn't mind, she just loved kicking him in the nuts.