Monday, August 31, 2009

Obedience School

Ted was skimming through the local paper when he saw a classified under Swaps/Exchange. "Lady offering obedience training in exchange for general handyman work". He phoned right away and spoke to Olga, who had placed the ad. She said that the paper made a mistake and left out the word "dog" before obedience. Before she had a chance to end the call Ted pointed out that he had a great set of tools and was very handy and he asked her what she needed done. Olga mentioned a few building repair jobs and Ted said that was something he could easily do to her satisfaction.

When Olga asked if he had a dog Ted confessed that he had no dog but he sure needed some obedience training. Olga laughed at Ted's eagerness and said she in turn sure needed some repairs done and could he come right over for an interview.

Olga received quite a few calls from men who wanted obedience training but she had liked the sound of Ted and just took the other men's names and numbers. Ted immediately drove over. Olga took his breath away - blond and bubbly with a sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Tight jeans and a loose sweatshirt. Olga said that she preferred to train neutered dogs - they were more manageable and easier to train.

Olga said "Let me get this straight. You want me to give you obedience training and you will work on my house? Hour for hour. I train you for an hour and you work on my house for an hour. While you drove over I looked this up on the Internet and it consists mainly of clothed women beating naked men,usually in the groin. There were some pictures and it looks like fun for the women and a terrible ordeal for the men. Are you sure this is what you want?" Getting red in the face, Ted nodded "Yes". Olga said "Let me think about this and I'll let you know tomorrow." Ted said he would be there.

The next morning Ted showed up and Olga showed him into her office. Ted immediately told Olga he had his tools and was ready to start work. Olga looked doubtful but said she needed the repairs done and she couldn't afford a contractor. She suggested that they would start and see how it goes but there was to be no sex. Her demeanour instantly changed and she shouted at Ted to take off his pants. Ted hurriedly obliged while Olga glared at him with her hands on her hips and her legs spread. Ted immediately got a throbbing erection. Olga pointed at it and shouted "What the hell is this" and savagely kicked Ted in the nuts. Ted had never felt such pain in his life. He was paralysed and slowly started to collapse before Olga. She reached out and held him up by his hair as she kicked him twice more in the nuts. Ted fell to the floor, curled up in a ball., clutching his nuts and wailing in agony. Olga laughed, clapped her hands together in glee , looked down at Ted and asked him if he was satisfied with her performance. Ted continued to wail. Olga became serious and told Ted that his time recuperating counted as training time and he had to do work equal to the training and recuperating time. Olga had a devilish grin and said that she expected he would spend a lot of time recuperating and she reached down between Ted's legs, grasped his nuts and gave them a playful squeeze, playful to Olga but terribly painful to Ted as he wailed even louder. Olga got some duct tape and slapped it over Ted's mouth and told him to quieten down, she had some ladies coming over to train their dogs. She left him in her office.

By noon Ted had recovered to the point where he could managed to stand up but bent over and moaning. Olga laughed at Ted and told him "Such a fuss over your balls, take it like a man" as she stepped behind him, reached between his legs and grasped his nuts and held them in a long squeeze. Ted screamed in agony and reached out and held onto Olga's desk but collapsed half onto it with his nuts hanging just over the edge and his feet on the ground. Olga pulled up a chair and sat down and got comfortable and went to work on his nuts, squeezing, pinching, spanking and rolling them around between her finger tips. Eventually Ted slid off the desk onto the floor where he rolled up into a ball, clutching his nuts and moaning in agony. Olga left Ted alone for the balance of the morning. She checked on him after her lunch and found he had recuperated to where he could talk and stand up. She told Ted to pull himself together since she wanted to introduce him to Elly, her helper. She picked up her phone and called back to the kennels and asked Elly to come to her office, she wanted to introduce her to their new handyman.

Elly came into the office and stared with disbelief at Ted. Olga was sitting behind her desk with an amused look on her face and Ted was standing in the middle of the office, no pants on and cradling his nuts in his hands. Olga introduced them to each other. Ted nodded, red in the face in extreme embarrassment and Elly continued to stare. Olga said to Elly "Watch this" as she got up and went and stood before Ted with her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide. She shouted at Ted that he was to be obedient to both her and Elly and stop playing with himself and put his hands at his side. She then slapped Ted's nuts and stood back. Both women watched as Ted quickly developed a stiff hard-on. Elly continued to stare and then smiled, giggled and then was laughing almost uncontrollably. Olga joined her and the two women were laughing at Ted and his nuts and stiff erection.

Olga told Elly about the deal she had made with Ted and she said she had shown Ted how she could deliver obedience training and now it was his turn to show that he was a competent handyman. She asked Elly to supervise Ted and show him the various things that needed to be done. Still laughing, Elly said "Sure" and grasped Ted by his hard-on and led him out of the office.

At the end of the day Elly came up front to see Olga as she had just finished her last dog obedience class. Elly said that Ted was definitely a good handyman, he had fixed the back door and a leaking faucet. She said that tomorrow he would fix the roof and for that he should wear his pants but whenever inside, no pants and bare nuts. Olga complimented Elly on her handling of Ted and said that training a man is the same as training a dog, punishment when he does something wrong and a reward for doing something right. Elly laughed and said she had spanked Ted and then kicked him in the nuts as a reward for a good afternoon's days work and sent him home. Elly said she could hardly wait for tomorrow when she planned on grabbing Ted by his naked nuts and giving them a good long squeeze. Olga smiled and said that this looks like it will work out fine for both sides, both sides getting what they want.

Things worked out well for Olga, Elly and Ted. Ted would come by twice a week and spend half his time taking obedience training and recuperating and the other half of his time as a handyman, albeit an unusual handyman with no pants and an erection, under Elly's guiding hand. Olga had become quite close with a few of her clients, wealthy, bored women who had been treated poorly by the men in their lives. These were women who wanted to get back their self esteem and to get even with men in general. Olga realized that nothing was better at self confidence building than grabbing some well hung, attractive guy by the nuts and slowly squeezing them tighter and tighter as he screamed and pleaded. Olga decided to start a class.

There were about a dozen women Olga felt would be interested and she invited them over to discuss a self help program to build up their confidence and self esteem. They arrived in the early evening and Olga had some snacks and coffee laid out. The women got comfortable and since Olga was a certified dog trainer she did have an aura of expertise and the women all felt comfortable about her. Olga had selected women who had had major problems with men in their lives, in most cases violent men where the women had been badly treated. Olga started by saying that to become self confident they needed to loose their feeling of inferiority towards men and become confident. She asked if any of them had ever kicked a man in the nuts. The women were shocked by the question and none had. Olga then asked if they had ever thought about it and all the women nodded yes. Olga said the most empowering feeling she had ever felt was the first time she had kicked a man in the nuts and had him clutching his nuts and moaning at her feet. She said the only thing better was to have a firm grip on his balls and start to squeeze. The women were staring at Olga in a state of shock. Olga said "Come on, admit it, wouldn't you like to have a big guy by his nuts, squeezing them and having him begging for mercy?" One by one the women all agreed that was something they would like.

Olga said the course was short, three sessions and she guaranteed it would change their lives. Olga knew the women were all well off financially and said the course tuition was $500 but that was nothing compared to what it would do for them. The women were a bit apprehensive and Olga said they would have a sort preview of the first session and they could decide after that whether they wanted to enroll or not. She called to Elly who then led Ted into the room by his nuts. Ted was naked with a stiff hard-on. Ted worked out and had a muscular figure with no flab. He cut quite a figure with his good looks, muscular but slim figure and a huge erection. The reaction from the women was a collective gasp and then nervous laughter. Olga said "This is Ted, who wants to be the first to kick him in the nuts?". Little Mary Lister, who was always quiet and meek immediately said she would like to grab that self confident bastard by his nuts and teach him a thing or two. She jumped up, ran across the room and grabbed his nuts right out of Elly's hand. Poor Ted became the embodiment of all the men that had ever treated Mary wrong and here was a chance for Mary to even the score. Rather than a quick crushing squeeze that would knock Ted out cold Mary slowly squeezed Ted's nuts tighter and tighter. She had him begging for mercy as she laughed in his face. By the time Mary was finished with Ted the other women all wanted a try but Olga realized that Ted was in no condition for any more. All the women signed up for the course and after they left Olga ad Elly made Ted as comfortable as possible and then got out the list of men who had phoned on the newspaper ad and scheduled a series of interviews, interviews to be held by her new class.

Olga and Elly phoned over a dozen men and arranged interviews with a dozen, all for the next day. The first one they scheduled was Pete Steel who was screened over the phone so that he understood it was obedience training for him and acting as a teaching volunteer for a class Olga was holding instead of handyman duties. Pete was so eager he didn't even ask what kind of a class Olga was holding, he just wanted obedience training. Olga told Pete to arrive an hour before her class was to start. Due to her and Elly's obedience training with Ted they had a fair idea of what would work best with Pete. Elly met him at the door and led him into the interview room and told him to fill out a form with his name, address and some personal information such as weight, height, color of hair and eyes and for him to sign a statement absolving Olga and Elly of any responsibility if he were degraded, humiliated, stripped naked and beaten. The form was attached to a clip board and he filled it out as he was standing. Elly was watching him with an amused look on her face. When he got to the part about being degraded, humiliated, stripped naked and beaten he groaned, breathed rapidly and looked like he had been hit over the head. He hurriedly signed the form and held the clipboard down so it covered his erection. Elly grabbed it out of his hands, pointed at his erection, laughed and back handed him in the nuts. Pete doubled over, as Elly grabbed his nuts and led him out to a kennel and told him to stay there and she would be back. Over the next hour Olga and Elly had screened and processed the dozen men, all men wanting to get dominated and abused by a woman. Like Pete, they were taken to the kennels and locked in but unlike Pete they were stripped naked and kicked in the nuts.

The women had arrived for their class and Olga told them that Mary had incapacitated Ted and his nuts would not be available for some time, while he recuperated. There was general disappointment amongst the class and a couple of the women said that they were looking forward to empowering themselves. Judy Clive said "Empowerment -hell - I just want to get some guy by the nuts" All the women laughed. Olga told them that she and Elly had a replacement for Ted and she asked the class to be a bit more careful with his nuts. Olga asked Elly to bring Pete in. Pete came into the room and stood before the seated women. Olga told Pete that this was an interview as to whether he would be chosen for obedience training and she asked the women if any of them had any questions or comments. Anne West told Pete to take of his pants and he readily complied. He stood with his legs spread sporting a nice big hard-on. He stood with his hips pushed forward, practically begging the women to kick his nuts. Anne then asked Pete if he ever masturbated and Pete said "No". She then told him he was a liar and that she gave him permission to masturbate as long as he didn't come. Pete grabbed his hard-on and started to jerk off at a furious pace. The women all burst out laughing - nothing looks funnier to a woman than some guy with his pants down jerking off.

Olga motioned for the women to quieten down and she then said she had another surprise, a dozen naked men locked in the kennels. She said that she and Elly had kicked them all once in the nuts, just to soften them up and it was up to the women in the class to teach them proper obedience and if they found any they particulary liked they could take them home.