Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jane Swift - Postal Inspector on Patrol

Jane handed in the report on her first independent postal inspection and it was well received. Her report made no direct mention of the former supervisor masturbating on company time and she put it down that he was doing personal things while on the job. Jane's boss, Ms Kunz, was resented by her male staff because she was the best female Human Resources could find for the job, not the best person. She knew the male staff had no respect for her and all her life she had been teased about her name. Now she had some authority and she wanted to make as many men as possible squirm under her authority, she wanted to get even and get some respect.

She was intrigued by Jane's report and questioned Jane closely and was surprised and exited by what Jane had found out and what she had done in the way of punishment. Ms Kunz was exited by the thought that a man under her authority was getting smacked in the nuts daily. She congratulated Jane and asked her to keep her eye out for similar behavior and if found, report back to her.

Over the next little while Jane inspected a number of post offices with no irregularities of a serious nature. The postal manual said that any irregularity should be brought to the postal facilities supervisor and Jane loved to act on that. Any infraction of postal policy and Jane would march into the supervisors office and tell him to get up from behind his desk and stand before her. She would berate him up and down, shout in his face and threaten the loss of his job. She got a thrill from the look of fear on their faces and she loved it when some of the men would clamp their hands over their nuts, protecting them from a possible kick. Jane was tempted but held off.

While driving from one postal facility to the next Jane noticed postal delivery vans parked on the side of the road which wasn't unusual but often they appeared locked with no sign of the delivery person. Jane thought that maybe they were taking unauthorized breaks and the next one she saw she stopped to investigate. The van was parked under some trees beside a secondary street in a semi rural area. Jane quietly approached the van and using her master key she opened the back door. It took all of Jane's self control not to whoop for joy - there was a guy laying on a pile of mail sacks with his pants down jerking off. Jane pulled out her camera and took a short video shot and quietly closed the door, jotted down the van number and raced back to her office. She immediately went to Ms Kunz and showed her the video. They went out and got in Jane's car and raced to where the van was. It was gone. The women were disappointed.

When they got back to the office Ms Kunz called the dispatcher and he told her the driver of the van Jane had videotaped was Jack West. The dispatcher told her Jack was on his way back and she told the dispatcher to tell him to immediately report to her office, she had some good news for him.

Ms Kunz and Jane waited in Ms Kunz's office and a short while later there was a knock on her office door. Peter, her secretary, told her there was a driver waiting to see her and she told Peter to send him in. Jack walked in curious about the good news and Ms Kunz immediately went on the offensive. She shouted at him to look at her computer monitor and she ran the video of him jerking off in the back of his van. She asked him what he was doing instead of delivering the mail. She told him obstruction of delivering mail was a federal offence and did he want to loose his job and be charged with a crime. Jack was stunned. Jane smiled at Jack and told him there was some good news - if he underwent treatment they could delay any adverse action. Ms Kunz and Jane were playing Good Cop, Bad Cop. Jack readily said he wanted treatment. Ms Kunz said that was good and he was to immediately take off his pants, spread his legs and put his hands on top of his head. Jack just looked at Ms Kunz with his mouth hanging open. Jane told him he had better do as Ms Kunz had said or his future would go up in smoke.
She told him the embarrassment of a few moments with his pants down was a small penalty so Jack reluctantly took of his pants, spread his legs and put his hands on top of his head. Ms Kunz walked up to Jack, stood close and smiled at him as her hand went down and her fingers encircled his nuts and she began to squeeze. With her other hand she propped him up and steered him over to her conference table. Jack collapsed back on it and started to wail in agony. Ms Kunz stood between his spread legs and took a nut in each hand and started to vigorously massage them, squeezing and rolling them between her fingers and jamming her thumbs into them. She was laughing at Jack's reaction and asked Jane to pull up a chair for her. Ms Kunz sat down and got comfortable so she could spend some time disciplining Jack on better time management.
Jane found it very exiting and stimulating watching the abuse Ms Kunz applied to Jack's nuts. Eventually Ms Kunz let go of Jack and Jane wanted to have a go but poor Jack could barely stand and was moaning. They told him to pull up his pants and they hoped he had learnt his lesson. Jane told him they would call him in from time to time for a reminder lesson but no more abuse of company time. Jack limped out, bent over, clutching his nuts and moaning.
After that Jane became very vigilant at watching out for parked and locked postal vans. It was surprising how many were out there. She and Ms Kunz had lots of fun teaching the postal drivers the importance of better time management. Sometimes if there was nothing else to do they would call one in for a reminder lesson. Jane sure loved her job as a Postal Inspector.