Monday, August 3, 2009

Laura's Promotion.

Laura should have listened to her friends who told her that a general arts bachelor in philosophy degree was absolutely worthless. They were taking accounting, computer science, engineering and other majors that would lead to jobs. As they graduated they were snapped up by companies who did on campus recruiting. Nobody offered Laura a job.

She finally had to swallow her dignity and apply for secretarial positions. Even then she found it difficult to even get an interview. With no experience and no secretarial training and add the big chip on her shoulder Laura was not the ideal candidate. She finally got an interview with a small company where the person she would be reporting to was doing the interviews. She was getting desperate.

The interview started and Laura realized that the guys brains were between his legs. Swallowing her pride she hiked up her skirt, opened her legs to give him a good view of her panties and got the job. It was a battle from day one. Her boss, Jim Dennison, had graduated at the same time as Laura but he had taken business administration and had lucked right into a sales management job. He continually made fun of Laura's philosophy degree which infuriated Laura. He figured he was God's gift to women and his juvenile double ententes and obscene jokes further infuriated Laura. Also he was constantly trying to look up her skirt and down her blouse. She went to the woman who looked after Human Resources but Anne was of little help. She said most of the young female staff had complained to her and she would love to call him in for a disciplinary session but since he was hired on the owners recommendation there was little she could do based on "he said - she said" evidence. Since Ms Cracken, the owner, was hardly ever there, she didn't see the way Jim acted towards the female staff. Anne said she needed something tangible. Pretty soon Jim had Laura running his errands, picking up his dry cleaning and bringing him coffee. Within a couple of months she was practically doing his job for him while he goofed off and cruised porno sites in his office with the door locked. One day he had to leave early and he forgot to lock his door and turn off his computer. Laura went into his office and checked out what she could find on his computer.

It was easy to check what web pages he had been visiting. Well, well, well - women kicking naked men in the balls, squeezing and crushing their nuts, nut spanking and general domineering over men. The first thing she did, after she stopped laughing, was to change the computer access code so that he could turn his computer on but then have no access to control it. She turned up the volume and then she changed the home page to Nut Squeeze International and then turned off his computer and closed his office door. The next morning Jim arrived and was relieved to see his door closed and his computer turned off. He had left the previous afternoon and he couldn't remember if he had turned off his computer and closed his door. but everything looked OK. Laura had earlier called Anne, the HR person, and Anne arrived at about the same time Jim showed up for work. Anne sat down outside Jim's office to talk with Laura. Laura made up some payroll question. Jim's office door was open when all of a sudden there was an angry shout from Jim and very loud woman's laughter and a scream. The laughter and scream were coming from Jim's computer. Jim was banging at his keyboard trying to turn off the video. Anne and Laura ran into Jim's office and there on Jim's monitor was a video of a fully clothed secretary type woman squeezing some naked guy's nuts.

The laughter and screaming were so loud that it soon attracted all the office staff. They crowded around Jim's door, staring at the computer screen and at Jim frantically trying to turn it off. Laura said she would try and turn it off and with her access code she made the volume louder still. Now, the woman's voice on the video could be heard throughout the entire office as she laughed and described what she was doing to the guy's nuts. The other voice was the guy wailing in agony and begging her not to squeeze his nuts any tighter. Everyone in the office , except Jim, was having a good laugh. Debra, the cute junior accounting clerk who Jim had harassed almost every day, stopped by and shouted "Now we know what Jim does with his door locked. He fantasizes about getting his nuts squeezed. Here Jim, you won't have to fantasize about this". Jim was in a blind panic, trying to turn off his computer as Debra slipped her hand down into his pants, found his nuts and squeezed. Suddenly Jim was screaming as loud as the guy on the computer. He sank to his knees and Debra went down with him. She put her face up to his and told him he was a bad boy and he had to apologize for feeling her up. Jim continued to wail in pain and Debra said "That's not good enough, I demand an apology." Jim continued to scream as one of the women brought Debra a cushion and she got comfortable, sitting cross legged and squeezing Jim's nuts with her left hand as her right hand undid his belt, pulled down his zipper and tugged down his pants. Laura and a couple of the other women helped and they had Jim naked from the waist down, just like the guy on the computer. Now Debra had her right hand free and she then had a nut in each hand. Debra was watching the woman on the computer and matched what she was doing, squeezing Jim's nuts, then pulling on them, then giving them a good spanking. The staff was laughing uproariously, especially the women, and a few stepped forward to give Jim a good nut swat.
Ann had slipped away and came back with her video camera. She motioned Debra away and Debra reluctantly let go of Jim's nuts. Ann took a good long video of Jim laying on the floor in his office, clutching his nuts with the computer monitor showing the woman repeatedly punching the guys nuts. Jim was watching the monitor and although he was moaning in agony he slowly developed a large erection and began jerking off. This was beyond belief as the women howled in laughed and most of them ran off to get their cell phones to take a picture or short video of Jim in action. Finally Jim came in a shuddering, frantic climax to the cheers of all the women. Laura then went and turned off Jim's computer, herded the staff out and away from Jim's office and closed the door to let Jim slowly recover. At quitting time she checked on Jim and he was kneeling, cradling his nuts in his hand and moaning in pain. Laura patted him on the head and told him it couldn't hurt that much as she helped him up, pulled up his pants and zipped him up. She helped him out to his car and told him to be sure to show up tomorrow, they were all going to watch videos of Jim and his nuts and his nuts would be the guests of honour.

The next morning the entire staff arrived early and were at their desks as Jim showed up and shuffled to his office, bent over and holding his balls. He looked ridiculous and the entire office was howling in laughter. They laughed even louder still as Laura, dressed up as a Dominatrix with thigh high boots, a whip in one had and a testicle harness in the other followed him into his office. It looked like Laura was about to get her career on track and a promotion.