Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Massage and Ms Krebbs

Vic Stanley was a young entrepreneur who was making a fortune with his high tech company. He had just arrived at cocktail party. A young woman, Ronna Parker who he knew slightly came up to him and said Hi. They chatted and Vic asked Ronna who she worked for. Ronna smiled and told Vic she was self employed as a licensed massage therapist. Vic laughed and said that the licensed part must mean there was no hanky-panky massage. Ronna smiled and said there was no hanky-panky, she gave a therapeutic massage. She asked Vic if he was massaged regularly and Vic mentioned that Bruno at his health club gave him a rub down at least twice a week. Ronna said that was good but she bet that the one area where a massage was most important, Bruno never massaged. She told Vic that a vigorous massage to his testicles would increase the blood flow and general good health of his balls.

Vic looked uncomfortable and Ronna laughed and told Vic that a testicle massage was not painful and her clients found it relaxing and invigorating. Vic continued to look skeptical and Ronna told Vic that she had a portable, fold up massage table and she would come by his office the next day and give him a complimentary massage and he could judge for himself. She said a full massage usually took an hour but since she would just concentrate on the area that Bruno never touched it would only take about fifteen minutes. Vic was scared about a vigorous massage to his balls and said he was usually really busy. Ronna said she had some clients who were very busy like Vic and she didn't use the massage table, they stood a a lectern which she would bring instead of the table and they could read and sign papers, talk on the phone and do most things they did at their desk while she worked on their balls. Ronna looked into Vic's eyes and laughed and said he was afraid. Vic said he wasn't and told her to come by at 10:00 AM.

The truth be told, Vic was terrified. He was terrified it would hurt and he was also terrified that he would become aroused and be humiliated by getting an erection, standing at a lectern with no pants and a throbbing hard-on while Ronna had him by the balls. Right up until the appointment it was all he could think about. Right at 10:00 his secretary came in and told him that a Miss Parker was there to see him, although she didn't have an appointment. Vic's secretary was Ms Krebbs, a stern no nonsence type. She was about thirty, a few years older that Vic. Ms Krebbs was attractive in a severe sort of way. She was always immaculate, short dark skirt and matching jacket, white blouse and sensible shoes. From her tone it was apparent that Ms Krebbs did not approve of unscheduled appointments. Actually there was little Ms Krebbs approved of about Vic but she kept it to herself. She felt that a business should be run in a stern business like way with rules, regulations and consequences for disobeying the rules and regulations. She thought that Vic was way too casual and if she was running things, by God, things would be different. Vic asked Ms Krebbs to send Miss Parker in and they weren't to be disturbed.

Ronna came in and locked the door behind her. She acted in a formal, professional manner and set up the lectern, arranged a visitor chair before the lectern and told Vic to gather any business correspondence he wanted to review during the massage. She then told Vic to take off his shoes and socks and remove his pants and undershorts. Ronna sat in the visitor's chair and looked up at Vic. He took of his shoes and socks but then just looked at Ronna. Ronna sighed and told Vic to come over and stand at the lectern and put his arms on the lectern. Ronna pulled her chair closer and undid Vic's pants and pulled them down, along with his undershorts. Vic was mortified, out sprung a stiff erection. Ronna looked at it and told Vic she was insulted, she was not some sex object, she was a licensed professional massage therapist. She said she would proceed but he had better get rid of his erection and she would ignore it. It was big and throbbing and bouncing around in front of her face -pretty difficult to ignore.

She told him to step out of his pants and shorts. She folded them carefully and laid them to one side. Vic was pretty well standing over her and she looked up and told him to read some of his correspondence and maybe by thinking of that would help him loose his erection. Vic's balls were right on eye level with Ronna. She reached out and took a testicle in each hand and began to roll them around with her finger tips. Correspondence was the last thing on Vic's mind. He groaned and had the stiffest erection of his entire life. Ronna told Vic that his behavior was a disgrace and if he couldn't get rid of his erection she would. Ronna continued to roll his balls gently around and, if anything, Vic became even more excited. After a minute or two Ronna became exasperated at Vic's behavior and she pulled down and squeezed one ball and then the other, like she was milking a cow. She did this for a while. Vic couldn't stand up straight. He was in agony. He was bent over and hanging onto the lectern with a look on his face like he was loosing his mind. Ronna had a contented smile as she pulled and squeezed Vic's nuts. Then she put them in the palm of her hand and pressed her palms together and rubbed them around. Then she took one nut and pummelled it with her knuckles and then did the same to his other nut. Vic started to howl in agony.

Ms Krebbs hear Vic screaming and howling and Ronna laughing. Something was wrong and this did definitely not have the sound of a properly running office. Then things quieted down - Vic had passed out. Ronna pulled up his pants and put on his shoes and socks. She slipped a small ice pack down his shorts. She always took an ice pack to clients. She then moved him into his chair and sat him behind his desk. She then unlocked the door and went out and asked Ms Krebbs to schedule her for half an hour tomorrow morning and each Monday from 10:00 to 10:30. Then Ronna pulled up a chair close to Ms Krebbs and asked if she could talk with her about Mr Stanley. Ronna said that Mr Stanley was undisciplined and he needed some schedule and regiment in his office life. Ms Krebbs readily agreed. Ronna said he needed the steady firm hand of a woman to guide him. Ms Krebbs was nodding in agreement. Ronna told Ms Krebbs that she would provide the firm guiding hand each Monday morning but she felt that Ms Krebbs should provide the firm guiding hand for the rest of the week. She told Ms Krebbs that she has a technique that works well with undisciplined men. For the next little while Ronna recounted her session with Vic. She asked Ms Krebbs if she wanted to sit in on the session tomorrow morning. Ms Krebbs asked if she could participate, she would love to have Vic by the nuts.

The next morning Vic came shuffling into work, bent over and holding his nuts. For the first time ever, Ms Krebbs smiled and called Mr Stanley by his first name by saying "Good morning Vic". He replied "Good morning Gretchen" and she snapped "You call me Ms Krebbs". Poor Vic was in too much pain to complain. By ten he was feeling better when Ronna showed up. Vic wasn't expecting her and without thinking snapped his knees together and clapped his hand protectively over his nuts. Ronna laughed and told Vic it couldn't have been that bad. Ronna told Vic they were going to have another session and Ms Krebbs was going to sit in on it. She called Ms Krebbs in and they locked the door. Ronna told Vic to get naked from the waist down. She was expecting resistance but Vic quickly shed his shoes, socks, pants and shorts. Like last time he had a stiff hard-on. Both Ronna and Ms Krebbs laughed at Vic and his hard-on.

Ms Krebbs asked Vic if he wanted to jerk off. With a shamefaced look on his face Vic nodded yes. Ms Krebbs said she didn't hear Vic, did he want to jerk off. Vic said yes and Ms Krebbs told him to beg. There was Vic, naked from the waist down, totally humiliated, with a quivering erection, begging for permission to jerk off. Ms Krebbs laughed and told him not now, maybe later if he was a good boy. Then she said that she would give him a hand job, come over and stand before her, put his hands on top of his head and spread his legs. Dumb Vic did as he was told, Ms Krebbs reached between his legs, grabbed his balls and squeezed. She laughed and asked him how he liked her idea of a hand job.

Ronna didn't do much. Ms Krebbs had years of resentment built up against Vic and she took great delight in totally humiliating him, causing him unbearable pain and leaving him with a throbbing hard-on, begging to be allowed to jerk off. Finally Ms Krebbs told Vic he could jerk off. Ms Krebbs and Ronna sat back and watched Vic jerk away. Just as he was coming, Ms Krebbs stood up, went over to Vic and kicked him square in the nuts. Vic fell to the floor, curled up in a ball, clutching his nuts and wailing in agony. The two women were laughing as they walked out of Vic's office.