Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wonderful Way to Start the Day - Round Two

Don Evans had been humiliated by a slip of a woman in a bar fight, something that was supposed to be fun but Don took it seriously and was a big looser. Trixxy had given his nuts a severe beating, cheered on by his own staff. He was such a joke at work that his own female office staff took turns kicking him in the nuts. The women found it hilarious but it was a living hell for Don. His nuts had taken such a beating that he was terrified of getting whacked in the nuts.

Don's life had taken a terrible downwards spiral. His nuts ached all the time, he was concerned he would loose his job and Helen, his wife, had heard about his humiliation at work and she showed up at work to watch Don get it in the nuts and to laugh along with his staff. Now when Don got home his wife would be standing there in a short skirt with her legs spread and her hands on her hips, calling Don a "Bad Boy" and ordering him out of his pants. Sometimes she would invite her women neighbours and women from her work over and they would laugh and cheer as Helen punished Don. Helen would order Don to jerk off and just as he was about to come one of the guest would be invited to kick Don in the nuts. They never said no. Poor Don would hobble around the house, buck naked, with a big erection, doing all the housework, scared that Helen or one of her friends would find something wrong with his housekeeping and whack him in the nuts. After a while one of her friends gave Helen testicle harness so whenever they went out and also around the house Helen would lead Don around by his balls. Just for laughs, sometimes she would take Don to his work in the harness and hand the harness, and Don's nuts, of to Lorraine, Don's secretary. and Lorraine would have Don by the nuts all day. All the women in Don's life were having a great time, laughing at Don, watching him jerking off and beating his nuts.

Through the fog of the humiliation and pain Don felt a rising anger. He had to end this. He realized it had all started at the bar where Trixxy had beaten his nuts. The first step was to beat Trixxy and overcome his fear of getting whacked in the nuts. Much to the surprise of his staff he invited them to go to the bar for fight night. He told them he was going to beat Trixxy and beat her good. Lorraine phoned Helen and told he what Don was planning. Helen laughed and said that Trixxy would probably give Don's nuts a good beating instead. Helen thanked Lorraine for telling her. Helen called a few of her friends and neighbours and they all decided it would be a good laugh to go down to the bar and see Trixxy beat Don's nuts.

After work Don and his staff went to the bar. Don was surprised to see his wife and her group there but he thought it was good. He was going to show them all. They all sat at a big table and had a few drinks. Then Trixxy came out and said it was fight night. She explained the rules which was pretty well anything goes and the fight is over when both sides agree it is over. She said that whether the guy wins or looses the house will buy a round of drinks for the guy's table. She asked for any volunteers for the fight and then burst out laughing when she saw Don stand up. She turned to the crowd and said she in not a cruel person but she fought Don a few months back and she gave his nuts a severe beating. She said he was such a mean, underhanded fighter that he deserved it and she will fight him again tonight and if he tries any dirty tricks she will beat his nuts again. The crowd whooped. laughed and cheered. The fight hadn't started and the crowd was already against Don. As usual Don had to sign a waiver absolving the bar of any legal liability from the fight. It also absolved Don of any legal liability from giving Trixxy a beating.

Trixxy wore her usual fight costume which wasn't much, a pair of bikini briefs and a top that barely covered her big breasts. Don took off his shoes and socks and shirt. He kept on his pants which was all he wore. Don knew the crowd was against him and Trixxy was tricky and quick. He had to come out strong and fast and end it quick. No Mr Nice Guy. Grab her, throw her to the canvas, push his elbow into her throat and twist her arm till she gives in and don't let her get anywhere near his nuts. Simple and effective. Brute force and dirty fighting, Don figured he had it in the bag.

The ring was a simple set-up in the middle of the bar on a small stage so everyone could see the ring. Trixxy had been in a lot of these fights and knew how a beaten guy would think. She was ready for Don. He rushed across the ring but Trixxy just stood there with a smile and her hand outstreched to shake hands. Don stopped, confused and stuck out his hand, Trixxy grabbed it, pulled him close and kneed him in the nuts. It was so unexpected that the crowd roared in laughter. Don sank to his knees with his hands clamped over his nuts and a stunned look on his face. Trixxy patted him on the top of his head and said she would give him a few moments to pull himself together. Trixxy told a couple of jokes, mainly about Don and his glass nuts. The female audience was whooping with laughter and Don realized they were laughing at him. He was in agony but he got to his feet, staggered over behind Trixxy and clamped his arms around her in a hug and shouted that he was going to crush her to death. Don was over twice her size and he picked her up off the floor in his bear hug. A couple of the serving staff and a bartender rushed towards the stage since Trixxy looked helpless and in trouble. Don squeezed her and roared in triumph. Trixxy slumped and Don let up a bit enabling Trixxy to get an arm free. She reached down and slipped her hand between his belt and stomach and reached further down and grasped Don's nuts. By the time help arrived she didn't need it. She had Don under control with a firm grip on his nuts. The crowd was shouting for Trixxy to strip him naked and beat his nuts. With her free hand Trixxy loosened his belt and pulled down his zipper and then pulled down his pants. The crowd cheered.
A couple of the women from Don's table ran to ring side with video cameras and recorded Trixxy laughing as she took a firm hold of Don's nuts and started to squeeze. They caught the terror in Don's face as Trixxy began to squeeze. Trixxy motioned for the mike and addressed the crowd. She asked the women at Don's table if anyone wanted to come up and give Don a whack in the nuts. All the women came up onto the stage and took turns with Don's nuts. Some of the girls sat cross legged between his legs and really gave his balls an extended squeeze, all the while laughing as Don wailed in agony. Even his wife, her friends and women neighbors got into the act. Everybody was hooting and laughing and having a great time, everybody except Don.