Friday, December 17, 2010

More Ms Krebbs

For the first time ever Ms Krebbs looked forward to getting to the office. She would get real pleasure from having Vic Stanley standing before her, begging for her to allow him to masturbate. She would occasionally allow it so that he would always have hope that she would allow it. What she really enjoyed was telling him it was OK, then watching him pull down his pants and just as he would be ready to climax she would say that was enough, time to get to work. If she timed it just right he would not be able to stop and would continue to jerk off. Ms Krebbs would get up from her desk, step over to Vic, reach down and grasp his nuts and squeeze and pull. She would laugh and look into his eyes and continue to squeeze. If Vic grabbed her arm, an instinctive reaction, she would squeeze tighter and tell him not to touch her. If he screamed, another instinctive reaction, Ms Krebbs would squeeze tighter and tell Vic not to scream. Ms Krebbs wanted Vic trained to where he would just stand there as she squeezed his nuts, not trying to defend himself or scream, just stand there as she squeezed his nuts.

Ms Krebbs got so much enjoyment from squeezing his nuts she had him cut out the bottom of all his pants pockets on his left side. As his secretary she was constantly talking and working with him all day. Whenever she wanted to talk or work with him she would snap her fingers and he would get up. Ms Krebbs would stand beside him, slip her right hand into his pants pocket and grab his nuts for a tight massage. At the end of the discussion she would let go of his nuts and Vic would stagger back to his desk and sit down.

Later in the day Vic would get his daily testicle massage from Ms Krebbs and once a week Ronna Parker, a registered licensed massage therapist would deliver the testicle massage. Whenever Vic saw Ms Krebbs or Ronna Parker his balls would start to dance and he would get a hard-on. At management meetings Ms Krebbs began attending with Vic, sitting immediately to his left. If she was late attending Vic would put off making any decision until Ms Krebbs was there. It got so Vic would do nothing unless Ms Krebbs was by his side. It didn't take long for the staff to realize who was running the operation. With Ms Krebbs by his side the reaction of his staff was "Good, she's got him by the balls. Maybe now we'll get some decisions made". Ms Krebbs was an excellent administrator, tough but fair. Before, under Vic, no one knew what the goals were and what was going on. With Ms Krebbs calling the shots everyone knew what they were expected to do, they were measured on their performance and good performance was rewarded with a bonus. One area where Ms Krebbs allowed no interference was Vic's nuts. Any woman making a move to Vic's left hand pants pocket was immediately fired. Vic's nuts belonged to Ms Krebb and everyone knew and respected that.

Vic was doing less and less management, he just accompanied Ms Krebbs as she ran his company and massaged his balls. All the work and decision making was falling on Ms Krebbs. She didn't mind but she needed some assistance. She contacted Sally Owens, the woman who owned the placement agency they used and told her she needed someone specific. A young attractive woman, a recent university grad with plenty of ambition and intelligence, a real nut kicker who wants a top paying job and is not afraid of long hours. Some time before, Sally had fist met Ms Krebbs at a meeting she had with Vic Parker. Sally was shocked and then amused when she realized that during the meeting Ms Krebbs had Vic by the balls. It was really a meeting with Sally and Ms Krebbs and Vic was off in some never land, enthralled by Ms Krebbs massaging his balls. Sally smiled at the memory and told Ms Krebbs that she would find her "A real nut kicker". Ms Krebbs smiled back and told Sally that she was pleased she understood the main requirement of any candidate.

A couple of days later Ms Krebbs was interviewing Peggy Post, a perky, cute woman who had just graduated from university, no experience but plenty of ambition. Ms Krebbs asked Peggy what she wanted from her first job. Rather than saying what most candidates would say - a chance to learn, job security, adequate pay - Peggy laid it right out - responsibility, lots of money and advancement. Ms Krebbs had to laugh. She said that was quite a bit and what did she have to warrant that. Peggy smiled and told Ms Krebbs that Sally Owen had described some particular aspects of the job and the owner, Vic Stanley. Peggy said she could get a firm grip on things and be a real good nut kicker. Ms Krebbs said they should go and meet the owner. Ms Krebbs introduced Peggy to Vic and told Vic that she was going to show Peggy some of the responsibilities of the job. Ms Krebbs snapped her fingers and Vic sprang up and stood at Ms Krebbs side. Plainly in front of Peggy, Ms Krebbs slid her hand into Vic's pants pocket and began massaging his nuts. Peggy smiled and asked if she could have a go. Ms Krebbs pulled her hand out and Peggy slid hers in. The stunned, surprised look on Vic's face was comical. Both women burst out laughing. Vic, who had been trained to quietly take his punishment, wailed in agony and clung to Peggy to keep from falling over. Instead of squeezing his nuts, Peggy selected one, placed it in the middle of her palm and dug into it with her thumb. So far Peggy was having an excellent interview.