Monday, May 14, 2007


Ever since I can remember Mrs Peck would look after us when ever our parents were away. My dad travelled often on business and sometimes my mother would accompany him. Mrs Peck was easy going and would cook our meals, clean the house and make sure we got to bed at a reasonable hour. My parents arranged for Mrs Peck from an agency and it worked well. By the time we were well into our teens our parents would leave us alone for a day or two but otherwise would arrange for Mrs Peck to come and stay with us.
One time our parents were going away for ten days. It was the summer time and my sister and I were off from school. Mrs Peck came over but on the second day she was feeling poorly. She phoned the agency and said she was ill. A taxi came and took Mrs Peck home and a lady from the agency came by and said that they had trouble finding someone on such short notice but they had arranged for Miss Harris who had a lot of experience, mainly on short term assignments but she had agreed to take this assignment for the remaining eight days. I don't know why but my sister expected someone like Mrs Peck, a kind elderly lady.
Later that day Miss Harris arrived. My sister and I were shocked - Miss Harris was just a few years older than my sister and myself. Miss Harris immediately began laying down the law. My sister was furious about being told when to go to bed and when she had to be home each evening. Within a few hours they got into a heated argument and my sister stormed out of the house and said she would stay with her girlfriend up the street. Her girlfriends mother phone and spoke to Miss Harris and it was agreed that she would stay with her friend.
Miss Harris was bossy but I liked her. She was a good cook and she sure was good looking. She dressed casually in short skirts and T shirts. With no bra her nipples were clearly visible and she often sat with one leg tucked up under the other and I could see her panties. Rather than go out and hang out with my friends I stuck around the house. I seemed to have a permanent hard-on.
On the second evening she was with me we sat in the family room and chatted. I couldn't take my eyes of her nipples, except to look up her skirt. We talked for quite a while and she then suggested that it was my bed time. At my age for someone to suggest my bed time was a bit ridiculous but I was so infatuated with Miss Harris I would have done anything she requested. I went up to bed. As soon as I was in my room I locked the door and dropped my pants and started to masturbate, with my eyes closed, thinking of Miss Harris. Suddenly there was a knocking on the door and Miss Harris asked me to open the door. She said had done a laundry and washed my pajamas and she had a clean pair for me. I was just about ready to climax but I dropped my hard-on and pulled up my pants. I opened the door. Miss Harris stared at the clear outline of my erection and said she knew what I had been doing with my door locked. I stammered and got red in the face. She said that she knew I had been playing with myself and she would have to tell my parents on their return. I begged her not to say anything. She stood there with her nipples sticking out in her tight T shirt and her short skirt barely covering her panties. I couldn't take my eyes off her. A minute ago I was right on the edge of a climax and now I felt like I was going to come in my pants. She laughed at me and told me to get into my pajamas. She said to srip and get into my pajamas or she would tell my parents. I took off my shirt and pants. She told me to get out of my undershorts. I stood there naked in front of her with the largest erection I had ever had. She said I was a bad boy and she reached out and grabbed a testicle in each hand and squeezed. She led me over to a chair where she got comfortable and told me to lean against the wall since she didn't want me to fall down. Miss Harris rolled my nuts around between her finger tips. It was the most painfull and pleasurable feeling I had ever had. I leaned against the wall, moaning. After a while she started rubbing the tip of my erection. Right when I was about ready to come she led me over to my bed and used my pajama bottoms to tie my wrists to the bed headboard and the tops to tie my ankles to the bottom of the bed. It was comfortable enough but there was no way I could jerk off. Miss Harris put a blanket over me, patted my erection sticking up like a tent pole and said goodnight.
The next morning there was more of the same. For the next two days I was dressed in a t shirt only. Miss Harris made sure I had an erection most of the time.
A couple of days before my parents came back Miss Harris said she had a prior commitment but she had arranged for a subsitute nanny. She said it was Linda, her sister who was experienced and she would be over shortly. There was a knock on the door and Miss Harris let her sister into the house. I was told to stand in the entrance hall to great her. All I was wearing was a T shirt and a hard-0n. Miss Harris had my hands tied behind my back. Linda took one look at me and burst out laughing. I was shocked. Her sister was a girl from my school, a year behind me. Miss harris laughed with her sister and said it looked like we knew each other. She asked her sister if she felt she could handle me for two days. Linda stepped up to me, put her hands on my shoulders and drove her knee up between my legs. She connected square with my balls. As I started to fall her knee came up again, right into my balls. I sank to me knees before her, groaning in agony. She ruffled my hair and said I would be no problem.
That evening she got on the phone and invited over her two best friends, who are from her class in school. She told them to come over since she had a suprise. They were puzzled when she gave them my address but they showed up a while later. Linda had been playing with my nuts and hard-on and had me extremely excited. All I could think about was being allowed to come. She told me to wait in the kitchen. I was still only in a T shirt and my hands were tied behind my back.
Linda had her friends come in and sit in the family room. She called to me to come into the family room. As exited as I was I was extremely ashamed. I stood in the kitchen. Linda laughed to her friends and said she had a shy boy in the kitchen and she would go and get me. She came in, grabbed me by the balls and led me into the family room. My erection was sticking straight out and swinging from side to side as I walked. I was wailing in pain from Linda squeezing my balls. Gina and Sara looked at me wide eyed with suprise. They stared at my throbbing hard-on. They smiled. giggled and burst out laughing. Linda led me over to stand before them. She let go of my balls and told me to stand before them with my legs spread. They were still sitting and were staring straight at my erection. Linda urged them to punch me in the balls. Gina gave them a slap which didn't hurt. Sara poked at them. Gina asked Linda if she could pinch my balls. Linda told Gina she could do whatever she wanted except cut them off. Gina cradled my right nut in the palm of her hand and pinched down with her thumb. The pain was beyond belief. I was transfixed. All three girls laughed. Gina then cradled my left nut in her other hand and pinched down with her thumb. She was pinching both nuts at the same time. My whole universe became Gina's thumbs and my nuts. Over the course of the evening the other two girls also pinched my nuts. Since we all go to the same school I see all three girls frequently. All they have to do is smile at me and wiggle a thumb and I will do whatever they demand.