Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Visitor- Part 3

Rika, a former Japanese exchange student, had visited us a couple of times in the past. Read The Visitor and The Visitor - Part 2. After Rika's second visit my wife constantly monitored me since she had found me masturbating a couple of times during Rika's visit. She monitored me at home and she had spoken with my secretary who took great delight in monitoring me at work.
I was unaware at first that Marie, my wife had spoken to Jill, my secretary. The day after they spoke, Jill came to work with an ultra short skirt and a low cut blouse. She came into my office to discuss some correspondence and gave me an immediate hard on. As soon as she left I locked the door, dropped my pants and started to jerk off. Jill has never walked in on me with my door locked but she did then. She used her key, opened the door, closed it behind her and walked over to me. I was in a state of shock. She casually reached out and grabbed my balls and started to squeeze. I screamed in agony and sank to me knees. She crouched over me, squeezing my balls and saying she was doing this for my own good. She said that my wife had explained my masturbation compulsion and had asked her to monitor me. I howled in agony but Jill just laughed and said that I should just quit fussing and accept my treatment and it would be over in half an hour. While she squeezed my nuts with one hand she phoned Marie and left a voice mail that I had been a bad boy and she was administering treatment.
When I got home that evening Marie greeted me with a swift kick to the nuts. As I laid on the floor, curled up and clutching my balls Marie lectured me on self control. I learned my lesson and made sure to never masturbate around Jill or Marie. Since they kept a close eye on me it was pretty rare when I got the chance to relieve myself. Over the course of the next year both Jill and Marie caught me a few times and I was punished accordingly.
Marie had never found out that Rika had been a real ball buster and cock tease towards me. Marie thought Rika was a sweet young woman and I must admit they did get along great together. During her last visit Marie worked for the final week and left Rika at the house to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn't play with myself. That was a week of heaven and hell combined. Marie and Rika agreed that the best way to monitor me was to have me with no pants - naked from the waist down. If I had a hard on Rika said it was because I was having naughty thoughts and she would grab my balls for a long ball squeeze. If I didn't have a hard on Rika would say it was because I had just masturbated so she would grab my balls for a long ball squeeze. Each day when Marie came home I would be curled up on the floor, holding my nuts and moaning. Marie would thank Rika for monitoring me and punishing me as required.
One day Marie announced that she had been talking with Rika by phone and Rika was coming for a visit. My balls started to dance. Marie said that she and Rika had talked about my compulsion and Rika had agreed that if there was any resumption they would both administer severe punishment. Marie said she had also talked with Jill and Jill had been kind enough to volunteer to administer punishment at the office. Marie said I was so lucky to have Jill as my secretary - Marie said she didn't have to ask, Jill immediately said she would squeeze my balls whenever necessary.
The day came when Marie and I went out to the airport to pick up Rika. She came though customs and was standing before us. She and Marie hugged. Marie turned around to get a baggage cart. Rika hugged me and drove her knee up between my legs and crashed into my nuts. I started to fall but Rika held me up and drove two more smashing knees into my nuts. I was in so much pain I was beyond screaming. I made a strangling sound as Rika guided me onto a chair. Marie came over with the baggage cart as I slid off the chair, onto the floor , clutching my nuts and moaning. Rika looked at me and then at Marie, shaking her head and saying that nothing had changed - there I was laying on the floor touching myself. Marie was livid with anger towards me. As I lay on the floor Marie kicked me in the nuts. A couple of passing female flight attendants smiled at Marie and said they wished they could do that to most of their male passengers. Marie and Rika helped me up and out of the terminal. Marie was pushing the baggage cart towards the car and Rika was helping me stay on my feet. Marie was ahead of us and over a row of cars. Rika slid her hand down my pants, held me up by gripping my nuts and led me to the car. Just before we came out from behind the row of cars Rika removed her hand. She and Marie put me into the back seat where I curled up for the ride home. Rika sure knew how to give someone a mind-blowing, memorable greeting.