Thursday, May 24, 2007

Office View

Ted was the office manager for a big company. He had a comfortable office with glass across the front so he could keep an eye on his staff. His secretary, Mrs Miller had been there when Ted started and she was right outside his office. She worked at a desk with her back to the window. Ted was so used to her being there that he no longer even noticed her. The day came when Mrs Miller retired and the next day personnel sent his new secretary over. Miss Carr was not like Mrs Miller. She was a very attractive young woman.
Ted was impressed by Miss Carr and her industrious manner. She quickly learnt the routines Mrs Miller had set up and in the first couple of days instituted some improvements. The only thing Ted didn't like was her manner - she was bossy. She didn't suggest changes but rather she told Ted what was to be changed. However overall she was very efficient and Ted felt he could live with her being bossy since overall he was very pleased with her performance.
After a few days Miss Carr told Ted she was going to rearrange her furniture outside his office. She said she was going to move her desk and the file cabinets. Ted really didn't mind what she did with the furniture as long as she was happy. Ted said he would arrange for someone from maintenance to come and do the moving. She told him not to bother, she had already made the arrangements.
The next morning Ted had to go to a managers staff meeting and when he came back to his office after lunch Miss Carr's furniture changes had been made. Now she was sitting sideways to his office, right outside his office window. She had always dressed conservatively but today she had on a tight sweater which outlined her large breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra and he could see her nipples sticking out. She was typing and Ted watched her breasts jiggling as she moved.
Within moments Ted had a throbbing erection. Miss Carr got up and came to Ted's door and asked him if he could help her move her desk a few inches. Ted got up but realized his erection was plainly visible and sticking straight out. He picked up a file folder and held it in front of himself. Moving the desk was difficult while holding the folder. Miss Carr was on the other side of the desk. She said it would be easier if he wasn't holding the folder as she reached across and pulled it from his hand. His erection was sticking straight out, straining the material of his pants. Miss Carr looked at it and burst out laughing. Ted tried to cover himself with his hands which made him look even more stupid. This made Miss Carr laugh even louder. She stood at her desk laughing at Ted. He had backed up against his office window with his hands over his erection. Miss Carr told Ted to stop playing with himself and help her move the desk. They moved the desk. She took a hold of his erection through his pants and led him back into his office and sat him down at his desk. She told him he was having bad thoughts about her and they would stay after work and she would discipline him with a spanking. That made Ted even more excited. She asked Ted if he would like a spanking and he nodded Yes. Miss Carr ignored Ted for the rest of the afternoon. He sat at his desk watching her with a throbbing hard-on.
After the office closed and the staff had left, Miss Carr came into Ted's office and closed the curtains over his front window. She had a video recorder which she set up, covering the office and she said she was making a recording for Ted to watch later while he masturbated. She told him to stand up and take off his pants. Ted was exited by the thought of a spanking. He took off his pants. Miss Carr asked Ted if he still wanted to be spanked. He said yes and Miss Carr said that wasn't good enough - he had to beg for a spanking. Ted begged and pleaded and finally Miss Carr said she was going to spank him. Miss Carr reached out and took his balls in the palm of her hand. She smacked down on them with her other hand. Ted screamed in agony. Miss Carr watched Ted with an amused look on her face. Ted was whimpering and said she said she was going to spank him. Miss Carr said yes, she was spanking his balls as she bought her hand down again. She had him lay on his desk. Miss Carr got comfortable and told Ted to lay back and enjoy the next fifteen minutes while she gave him a good spanking. Again and again her hand came down, smacking Ted's balls. Ted started by screaming but after a few minutes the pain was so severe and ongoing that he was reduced to a strangled groan. He had never experienced such agony. Miss Carr kept on spanking Ted with a contented look on her face, telling him to stop whimpering and take it like a man.
After the spanking she helped him pull up his pants and helped him out to his car. The next day Ted called in sick but the following day he shuffled into work, walking very carefully. Miss Carr stuck her head into his office and asked how things were hanging and told him to check his e-mail. Ted gingerly sat down and checked his email. There was a message and attachment. It was an edited version showing him pleading for a spanking and then getting his balls spanked. It showed Ted clearly with no pants getting a ball beating and all it showed of Miss Carr was her hands. It was clearly shot in Ted's office. After watching it Ted had a hard-on. Miss Carr came into the office and asked him how he liked the video. She told him that if he was a good boy and did whatever she told him to do she would spank his balls regularly and promise not to distribute the video around the office or to his family, friends and neighbours.