Friday, May 25, 2007

Aversion Therapy

Mrs Payne, who was independently wealthy, had set up a small mail order business on her farm selling environmentally friendly products. Any profits went to her women's shelter program. She hired a young man from the neighborhood to run it for her in a small building at the end of her property. Ed was pretty much on his own after Mrs Payne had shown him what was required. Ed would get the days orders which came in by mail, fax and computer and then pull and pack the orders and have them ready for a courier pick up. He ran credit cards and did a bank deposit as required. Also, he kept a close eye on inventory levels and re-ordered as needed.

Ed missed Mrs Payne since she rarely came around after teaching Ed how to run things. She was older than Ed, in her late thirties. She was a beautiful woman, slim and barely five feet tall. She had huge breasts that people on first meeting her would think were artificial. Local people knew they were real. They saw them develop on Mrs Payne in her teens. She didn't flaunt them but she also didn't hide them. She was well aware of her effect on men. She was invited to join the important boards in town, initially for her looks but eventually for her good business sense. When Mr Payne passed away he left a sizable fortune to his wife and she has been very charitable towards the town. She liked to help people and she was well liked.

The volume at the mail order business was picking up and Ed went up to the main house to see Mrs Payne and he told her that he needed some help to keep up with the volume. She said she would think about it and let him know in a few days. About a week later she came down to the mail order building with two young women. She said "Ed, I would like you to meet Sue and Sandra. You will be working as equals and I would like you to train Sue and Sandra. Just so there is no misunderstanding, you will all be paid the same and report to me. I hope you can all get along." Sue and Susan said they were sure they could all get along. Ed thought it was unfair that he would be training the girls. He was angry but he didn't want to quit so he kept quiet.

At first it went well. The girls were differential towards Ed but after a couple of weeks they knew as much as he did and their attitude towards him changed. Mrs Payne had provided lightweight coats, like lab coats. Ed wore one and the girls did whenever Mrs Payne came by. Otherwise they wore tight jeans and tee shirts with no bras. Ed had an erection all day. The girls would laugh at him and say" Hey, jerk-off, how's the hard-on. Why don't you go out back and take matters into your own hands" Then they would burst out laughing and laugh even harder as Ed would go out back. Out back was an old lean to behind the building where they kept packing supplies and boxes. Poor Ed would jerk-off out back since it was the only relief he would get all day. After about a week of jerking off out back the girls told Ed to look on the computer. They had surreptitiously recorded him jerking off and had it on the computer. They told him that if he was a good boy they wouldn't release it. Otherwise they would send it to everyone in town with a computer. They also told him there would be no more jeking off out back unless they said he could. For laughs the girls would whack him in the nuts every chance they got.

The girls started sitting outside drinking pop and reading movie magazines. Ed had to do his work and theirs as well. They would usually reward Ed every couple of days by telling him he could go out back and jerk off. Their warehouse was way down the end of a lane on the farm and they could hear and see Mrs Payne whenever she came down to see them. Then they would get up, go inside, put on their work coats and look busy.

One day Mrs Payne phoned "Sue, I am concerned that there is quite a backlog in order shipping. I'm coming by in an hour. Please get some figures ready and I would like to sit down with the three of you to see what can be done."

After the call the two girls went to work on Ed. They thrust their nipples into his face and Susan did a bump and grind dance, pushing her pelvis back and forth. Ed begged to be allowed to go out back. Susan said "Not now but maybe later" After about an hour they could see Mrs Payne driving towards them. Susan went up to Ed, unzipped him and put his stiff erection in his hand and told him he could go out back but he was not allowed to come until they said it was OK. The girls had done this in the past to torment Ed and they had him well trained. He would stroke himself slower and slower because he knew that if he came he would get a kick in the balls.

Mrs Payne came in "Where's Ed. I want to go over this right now". Susan said "Mrs Payne, the problem is with Ed. He is not doing his work. I know we should have brought this up with you earlier but we are so embarrassed and don't know what to do. He doesn't work, he spends his whole day out back in the lean to. Maybe you could go out there and talk to him - but be prepared for a shock." Mrs Payne said " Shock, what shock. I'll have a talk with him and straighten him out". She opened the door to the lean to and stepped in. She was shocked. There was Ed, just a few steps away from her leaning against the wall with his pants down, a stiff erection in his hand that he was slowly stroking, moaning with his eyes closed. Mrs Payne backed up into the main warehouse and closed the door saying "How long has he been acting like this" Sue said "Right from the start but it has gotten worse in the last few days. Now he spends all day in there doing that. We tried talking to him about it but it is pretty difficult to talk to a guy who has his pants down with an erection that he is masturbating" Mrs Payne appologized to the two girls and said she should fire Ed or call the police on him for exposure in the workplace. Thia was something the girls did not want. Sue said "Isn't there something we could do to help him? Firing him won't help him cure this dreadfull habit he has." Mrs Payne agreed "Yes, but what can we possibly do?". Susan said " I have heard of a revolutionary treatment called Aversion Therapy. For instance, if someone can't quit smoking they give the person a cigarret and when he inhales they administer a painfull electric shock. Pretty soon he associates smoking with the painfull shock and develops an aversion to smoking. Maybe we could do the same with Ed and his dreadfull habit." Mrs Payne liked the idea of helping Ed and he sure needed help. Susan went on "In Ed's case we shouldn't use an electric shock, it should be something else. I think the best thing would be to squeeze his testicles when he masturbates. That would cause a dreadfull pain and develop an aversion." Mrs Payne was startled by the suggestion but the more she thought about it the more it appealed to her - it was simple and straightforward with no complicated and expensive equipment - just a squeeze to his balls.

Susan said that since Mrs Payne was the boss she would have to administer the therapy. Mrs Payne expressed her reluctance but realized that it was up to her. Tentaively she opened the door. Ed was barley moving his hand, it was clear he was on the verge of a climax. Mrs Payne went and stood before Ed and grabbed a testicle in each hand and lightly squeezed. Startled, Ed opened his eyes. He continued to masturbate and Mrs Payne increased the pressure on his balls. Ed had been leaning against the wall but he slid down the wall and was now sitting on the floor with his legs spread, leaning against the wall. Mrs Payne had moved down with Ed and she was sitting cross legged between Ed's legs. She continued to hold a testicle in each hand and was telling Ed that what she was doing was for his own good. She was smiling. Mrs Payne loved to be helping people and here she was helping Ed. She called Sue and Susan over and asked Susan to take over squeezing Ed's balls. Susan readily agreed, telling Mrs Payne that she also liked to be helping people and helping Ed filled her with pleasure. Mrs payne told them " This Aversion Therapy is an excellent program. Lets make it a daily routine with Ed. Tell him it is either the therapy or the police and public humiliation. Do you girls have a problem applying the therapy? I think you both deserve a raise and since the business is going so well I will arrange for another person, this time reporting to you." Sue said "I realize we had a problem with Ed but if we hire another person it should also be a male, we have a lot of heavy boxes and a big strong male would be best." Mrs Payne asked if they had concern about another male with the masturbation habit which seems to be so prevalent. Sue said "Oh no! In fact we would welcome it. We would like any chance we have to help people. If he has a masturbation habit we would apply the Aversion Therapy" Mrs Payne drove away from the warehouse thinking how lucky she was to have employees who love helping people as much as she does. She smiled contentedly as she heard Ed wail in agony.