Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Miss Pennypacker's Art Class

Trudy Pennypacker was the art teacher at a small prestigious east coast women's college. Her days were pretty boring teaching young women the basics of art. Quite frankly she was no longer interested in teaching art and she was sure her pupils had even less interest in learning. Part of the curriculum called for learning to sketch from a live nude model. She had a budget and she arranged for the usual model but on the day of the class the model phoned to say she was ill. Trudy was in a quandary, she had used the same model for years. Within an hour she would have a class full of students and no model. She got out the phone book and turned to Models and phoned Ace Models, the first name listed. She said she wanted a nude model but it had to be within an hour. When they asked for preferences she said it didn't matter - whatever they had. She said she had a room full of young women and the fellow from the agency said he understood exactly and he would send over a model within the hour.

Trudy's class filled up with her students but no model. Finally a young good looking fellow arrived and said he was the model. The girls were awe struck. He was gorgeous. Trudy was flustered but the girls were suddenly enthusiastic about the class and as over privileged spoiled young women they demanded that the class get underway. There was a raised platform at the front of the class. The model stood up on the platform and got undressed. There was a gasp from the girls and also from Trudy. He had the biggest penis they had ever seen. He stood facing the girls and said his name was Rod. He looked at Miss Pennypacker and said "I'll be dammed, this really is an art class! How do you want me to pose?" She just looked at him with her mouth hanging open. Margo, one of the students, came up front and said she would help Rod to pose. She had him stand facing the class, with his legs spread and one hand on his hip and she had his other hand grasp his dick and asked him to masturbate. Rod said OK and started to stroke himself. Trudy objected and Margo said "For heaven's sake, every nude male is posed exactly the same way, either sitting like The Thinker or standing like David. Lets be original. Rod doesn't seem to mind and the class seems to like the pose." The girls all shouted agreement. It didn't take more than a minute for Rod to sport a huge erection. All the girls and Trudy were fascinated. Margo told Rod not to come, just slow down the stroking. At the end of the hour Rod was barely touching his erection. It was plain he was right on the verge of a climax. The girls and Trudy were spellbound. Usually at the end of the art class hour the girls were out the door the moment the class bell rang. This time they stayed. At about five minutes past the hour Rod said "I can't stand this any more." He swiftly masturbated and came in a shuddering climax. He cleaned himself off and got dressed and asked if they would need him again. Trudy had been granted a budget to cover five classes and the gender of the model had not been discussed. The students were vocal in their desire for Rod to come again so Trudy asked him to book that hour for the rest of the week.

The next day Rod stripped naked and did the same pose as the prior day. On the third day, after he stripped Margo came up front and asked for a different pose. Rod said sure and Margo kicked him in the balls. Rod bent over, clasped his hands over his nuts and had a surprised look of agony on his face. The class burst out laughing and even Miss Pennypacker had to smile. Margo asked Ron "Can you keep that pose for an hour or would you prefer if I kick you in the nuts every fifteen minutes?" Ron nodded his head up and down to indicate Yes. Fifteen minutes later Margo came up front and kicked Rod in the nuts again. Rod let out a wail of agony and said that he had meant that yes, he could keep the pose. At the end of the class Rod was in agony and said that he wouldn't be back the next day if Margo was going to kick his balls again. Both Margo and Miss Pennypacker promised Rod that no one was going to kick him in the nuts. Rod got dressed and shuffled off, bent over and clutching his nuts.

Miss Pennypacker was thrilled with the way her class had suddenly taken such an interest in art. Evidently the girls had mentioned their new found interest in art, especially sketching a prodigiously endowed nude male being kicked in the nuts. A number of mothers contacted the school and asked if they could arrange some evening classes. The dean was thrilled with this interest, and a chance for additional revenue. She couldn't understand the interest in Miss Pennypackers' class but she asked her to go ahead with an evening class program.

Rod showed up Thursday and after he got undressed and was standing in the nude he said he didn't want to be kicked in the nuts. Margo said that was no problem as she came up to him, quickly reached between Rod's legs, grabbed his nuts and began to squeeze. She said that she had been talking with the other girls and they thought an interesting pose would be where a girl had a guy by the nuts. She had a testicle in each hand and was gently moving them around with her finger tips. She told Rod to be a good boy and pose nice and she wouldn't have to pinch his nuts. She also told him that a big hard-on would be a nice touch and he could stroke himself, but no coming.

By the end of the week Miss Pennypacker had the most popular class in the college. A lot of the women students were asking for a class transfer and Miss Pennypackers evening class had full enrolment before the first class began. She approached the dean and suggested that Margo be hired as a student aid for the evening class since she had a natural ability to get the model to assume different poses. In view of the tuition that had come in Miss Cane agreed. She asked Miss Pennypacker if she could explain the huge interest in her art classes. Miss Pennypacker said " I think there is a general increased awareness in society towards art. Also we use a variety of mediums - watercolors, oils, acrylic. And I keep the classes light and fun, the students all have a ball." Miss Cane said that she would have to drop in some time and she thanked Miss Pennypacker for the extra revenue that her evening class was bringing in.
The following Monday her first evening class began. The women students had heard about the well hung naked model getting wacked in the nuts by Margo and they were eager for the class to begin. Margo had suggested to Miss Pennypacker that they select a student from the evening class on a rotational basis to help Margo. Margo was not one to mince words. She stood before the class "Welcome to our evening art class. Rod, our model will be out in a few minutes. We have found the old traditional poses too stale and dated. We like modern poses and one of the best modern poses is where a woman has a man by the balls. For this pose we need a volunteer, a woman to come up front and give Rod a good ball squeeze. Virtually the entire class volunteered. Miss Pennypacker thought "What a wonderful response for the call for a volunteer. I am so pleased with this renewed interest in art.