Monday, July 2, 2007

The Trip

Ed was accepted by a west coast university. His aunt was driving to the west coast on vacation and she offered to take Ed. The airplane was faster but the car trip was cheaper and it would give Ed a chance to see the country. The only drawback was he had to share the back seat with his two younger cousins. He had never gotten along with Angie and Tina, they were spoiled and always had to have things there way. His aunt May was no help - she had spoiled them by always catering to them. They were her little angels.
It was aunt May and Mrs North (a friend of aunt May) in the front seat and the three kids in the back. Ed resented being called a kid but there was little he could do about it. There was a constant fight in the back seat as to who would sit in the middle. Aunt May said the kids could sort it out. Ed was twice the size of his younger cousins but they were fast, sneaky and they fought dirty. They had learned that a swift punch between a boy's legs would sure slow him down. They started off with Tina in the middle. After the first gas stop they were getting back in the car. Ed wanted to stake out a corner against the glass so he went into the back seat ahead of Tina. He was bent over with one leg in the car and the other out. It was a perfect target. Tina delivered a short uppercut between Ed's legs and hit him square in the nuts. Ed wailed in agony and collapsed. Tina pushed him into the middle of the back seat. Angie got in from the other side. Mrs North was chuckling in the front seat. As aunt May got in Mrs North, in a loud voice, told her that she thought one of the girls had just nailed Ed in the balls. Aunt May, in a voice just as loud, said that probably Ed did something to deserve it and she was proud her daughters knew how to look out for themselves. Mrs North nodded in agreement and said "There is nothing wrong with a girl being a ballbuster. I've been a ballbuster since I was in school. I know how to keep Mr North in line, also my boss at work." Ed groaned in agony and the girls laughed at Ed.
After the lunch stop Ed was terrified about getting into the car. He couldn't get into the car and protect his nuts at the same time. Tina said "Don't worry Ed, I promise I won't hit your nuts." Ed stepped into the car. As he stepped in, Tina, from behind, reached up between Ed's legs and grabbed his balls and pushed him into the corner. With her sister's help they had Ed's pants down and Tina had Ed firmly by the balls. They covered Ed with a blanket. He sat propped up in the corner with a stricken look of anguish on his face. Tina had one arm under the blanket where she had a tight grip on Ed's nuts. With her other hand she was holding a book she was reading. Angie called out to her mom that now Ed had the corner. Aunt May said she was happy that they had learnt how to get along.
The next day, Ed sat in the middle, under the blanket. After a brief struggle Tina had Ed by the balls and Angie was slowly stroking Ed's hard-on. Ed just laid his head back and closed his eyes. For the rest of the trip Ed sat in the middle and did whatever the girls told him to do. Both aunt May and Mrs North were impressed with how well mannered and quite Ed was. They were a little puzzled by his moaning until Mrs North told aunt May that she thought Ed was playing with himself under the blanket. They looked at his face and saw the slight movement of the blanket and they agreed that was it - after all, boys his age were always masturbating every chance they got. They concurred that it was a vile habit but at least it kept him occupied and quiet. They agreed that before they got to the west coast, before they let him off at the university, they had to discipline him. They said a good bare butt spanking and some ball spanking was in order and it would do him the world of good. Also, the girls should get some experience in how to discipline a boy.
That night they stopped at a motel. Mrs North suggested that, to keep expenses to a minimum. she would share a room with Ed. She pointed out that she was twice his age and they would have separate beds. Aunt May and the girls would share a separate room. As they were all getting ready for bed Aunt May came into the room Ed and Mrs North were sharing. She said that she and Mrs North had something they wanted to discuss with Ed. They sat on the edge of a bed and Ed, in his pajamas, was standing before them. Mrs North said "Ed, you seem to have a compulsion to masturbate. I won't have you sharing a room with me while you are jerking off all night. Also, your aunt is concerned about her two daughters sharing the back seat of the car with you playing with yourself all the way to the coast." Ed started to explain that it was the girls but Mrs North calmly reached forward and slipped her hand inside his pajamas and wrapped her fingers around his balls. She smiled at Ed and said " Now Ed, lets not have any lies. We know a young man has certain compulsions he can't control. Your aunt May and I have discussed this and we agreed that the best thing was for you to get some relief twice daily, before going to bed and first thing in the morning. Now, how long will it take you to climax? We have a schedule to maintain so we need to know how long we will have to monitor you each morning." Ed was aghast. "Your going to watch me?" he asked. Mrs North laughed and said " No secrets Ed. We'll take turns monitoring you." She squeezed his nuts tighter and asked if he had any objections to the plan. Ed croaked "No."
Mrs North said "Now be a good boy Ed, take off your pajamas and lay down on the bed and jerk off." Aunt May went next door and called the girls. She said there was something they had to see. It was part of their education into female adulthood. Poor Ed was laying flat on his bed, naked. Sitting along the edge of the next bed, a couple of feet away was Mrs North, his aunt May and Tina and Angie. All four were staring intently at Ed and his flaccid penis. He couldn't help it. He started to get an erection. It quickly stiffened and straightened out and rose from his stomach. Mrs North had a satisfied smile, aunt May said "Oh my!" and the girls laughed. They were still sitting on the edge of the bed staring at Ed. Mrs North said "OK Ed, go to it" Ed grabbed his erection and started to stroke himself. He started going faster and faster and after a few minutes it looked like he was ready to climax. Tina told Ed to stop. He continued like he hadn't heard her. She reached out and grabbed his nuts, squeezed and told him to stop. Then she said "Is this such a good idea? We should be training him not to masturbate, not allowing it. I may be just a kid but I think we should make sure he doesn't jerk off , even if we take turns holding him by his nuts." Ed had let go of his erection. It was sticking straight up, quivering and ready to explode.
Mrs North said she thought Tina had a good point. The four of them (Aunt May, Mrs North, Tina and Angie discussed the merits and disadvantages of allowing Ed to masturbate twice daily. All the while Tina held Ed by his nuts, slowly massaging them with her thumb. They reached agreement that it was best not to let Ed masturbate. They should break him of the habit, not encourage it. As they were talking Mrs North casually reached out and wrapped her fingers around Ed's erection and slowly started to stroke him. She said that they had to break Ed of his masturbation habit and make him dependent on females to relieve his desires or else use self control but no more masturbation. Poor Ed was going out of his mind. He flopped back on the bed with his legs wide apart. Mrs North asked aunt May to tie Ed to the bed. The girls and aunt may went back to their room. Mrs North settled down on the same bed as Ed. She got comfortable, snuggled up to Ed and told him he was a bad boy who needed to be punished. She reached down and grabbed Ed's nuts and started to squeeze. Ed groaned in agony. Mrs North laughed and told Ed he had to accept his punishment. With her other hand she took hold of his still stiff erection and stroked it rapidly and then slowed down the stroking. After an hour she let go of his nuts and erection, patted him on the head, kissed his cheek and told him to go to sleep.
In the morning Mrs North woke up, glanced over at Ed and smiled. He was laying on his back, still tied down with the largest erection she had ever seen, sticking straight up. He was asleep, having a sex dream. She quietly got up and awoke the girls and aunt may next door. She said "Sorry to wake you up but you just have to see this, and bring the video camera". The four of them filed back into the other room. The two girls looked at Ed's large, quivering erection and burst out laughing. Aunt May said "Oh my God! I've seen lots of hard-ons but nothing this big! It's huge!" Tina grabbed Ed's erection and called for Angie to take a video shot. The laughter and grabbing his erection woke Ed up. They took turns playing with Ed's hard-on and taking videos. Then they untied Ed and all went for breakfast. Then they got ready and back in the car. All the way to the coast one of the females had Ed by the balls and usually another one stroked him. One time the two girls got into an argument as to who was the best ballbuster. Poor Ed was nearly castrated as each girl tried to outdo the other as the ulitmate ballbuster. Finally aunt May had to step in and declare that Mrs North was the ultimate ballbuster and the girls were tied as the ballbuster runnerups.
Once they got there Ed said he appreciated them helping him break masturbation habit but he still had the compulsion and maybe he could postpone his university entrance and instead, stay with them during their west coast vacation and then go back to the east coast. He said a couple of weeks more ball squeezing would be of great benefit to him. Mrs North said that sounded like a great idea as she reached between his legs and grabbed his nuts.