Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The House

Ed was stretched out in a lounge chair in his back yard. It was a beautiful spring day. He was sipping a beer and was pretty happy with himself and life. When he purchased his house three years ago his friends told him he was crazy. What did a single guy want a house for? Well, it turned out to be one of the best moves he had ever made. He timed the market just right and from what he could gather his house had close to doubled in value.

The only problem was his neighbours, the Watsons. Mrs Watson was quite the looker but she was a real nosey busybody. She had a huge set of boobs and usually wore a tight blouse with her nipples sticking out. Whenever he saw her Ed couldn't take take his eyes off her boobs. He got an instant erection. Mrs Watson made sure he got a good eyeful and then she would give him a dirty look and tell him to stop staring at her or she would kick him, as she put it "Where it hurts". Her daughters, Susie and Sally, were just as bad. They didn't have quite as much up top as their mother but they wore the tightest jeans imaginable. For a couple of girls in university they didn't seem to spend much time hitting the books. Mr Watson was the meekest guy Ed had ever met. He was the poster boy for the pussy whipped.

He could hear the daughters in their backyard. Suddenly there was a large dart which came over the fence and slammed into the grass right next to Ed. It was one of those large darts used outside. Dam, Ed thought, that thing could have impaled me. He shouted at the girls next door to be more careful. Susie shouted at Ed "Toss it back over the fence jerkoff" Ed was fed up with their attitude and total lack of respect. He shouted "If you want it, come and get it." He could hear them trying to get through the hedge. He started to laugh, there was no way they could get through the hedge, it was really thick. He heard them swearing as they tried. After a minute they stopped and Ed had some blessed peace and quiet. Then the back yard gate slammed. Susie and Sally came storming across the grass. They were wearing short jean skirts and halter tops. Both girls had scratches on their arms and legs from the hedge and they were livid with anger. Ed started to get up from the lounge chair but Susie sprang on top of him, sitting on his chest and her crotch pressed into his face. Sally sat on his stomach, facing Ed's feet. All Ed could see was Susie's panties and he was suffocating, her panties were pressed right into his mouth and nose. Ed was wriggling around and struggling to breath. Sally undid the top button on Ed's shorts and pulled them down in one motion. She grabbed a testicle in each hand and gave them a light squeeze. She told Ed to be still or she would rip his nuts right off. He lay perfectly still.
Susie eased back a bit allowing Ed to breath. She looked down at him and asked him how he liked the smell of her pussy. Sally laughed and said " He likes it just fine, Susie, he's getting a hard-on."

Sally started shouting for her mother. Mrs Watson answered and Sally shouted she was next door in the back and could her mother come over right away. Mrs Watson came into Ed's back yard and walked over to where her daughters were sitting on Ed. She said "I told you girls you were only to get a man by the balls where he really deserved it. What did Ed do?" Susie said "The jerkoff stole our garden darts. Sally and I are fed up with Ed. He has to be taught a lesson." Mrs Watson laughed and said that she agreed with her daughters. She said "Sally, give me his nuts. Good Lord, he's got a hard-on. We're going to have to teach him some manners. Well Ed, what is this about you stealing the girl's darts? How does this feel?" Mrs Watson squeezed Ed's nuts. A unbearable pain shot through Ed. He was in unbelievable agony. Mrs Watson smiled at Ed and told him he had better confess to stealing the lawn darts or she would have to really squeeze his balls. Ed said "Yes, yes. I stole them. Please don't squeeze my balls any tighter, I'll do anything you say" Mrs Watson looked at her daughters and said "Girls, any man can be made very agreeable with the right kind of incentive. Look at your father." Sally laughed and said "That's because you squeeze his nuts. He looks so funny laying there on the couch curled up around your hand while you watch the TV. Since it seems to hurt him so much why does he come whenever you snap your fingers. He drops whatever he is doing, scurries over, takes of his pants and lies down beside you." Mrs Watson laughed and said that their father is well trained and he knows that if he doesn't instantly obey the punishment will be severe. Mrs Watson said that she learnt ball busting from her mother and her mother learnt it from her mother. She said it was a tradition in the family that the women controlled the men through their nuts. She said it was about time that she taught the girls how to train a man. She asked them if they would like to start with Ed. Both girls nodded yes and had vicious grins as they looked down at Ed.

Mrs Watson told Susie to take the laces out of her sneakers. She told Susie to tie Ed's wrists behind his back. She took the other lace and tied it around his scrotum with his balls held tightly in the bottom of the scrotum. Mrs Watson could lead Ed about by pulling on the lace which tugged his balls. She led Ed out of his back yard to take him next door. He was naked from the waist down and completely under Mrs Watson's control. They were halfway between the two houses, on the front lawn, when Mrs Blunt, a neighbor who was out walking her dog, saw Mrs Watson, the two girls and Ed. She called a hello and then walked over. She asked them how they were but her eyes were on Ed's nuts and his stiff erection. Mrs Blunt asked Mrs Watson if she wouldn't mind as she reached out and took Ed's erection in her right hand and began to stroke it. Her left hand cupped his nuts and began to roughly massage them. Ed was partially screened from the street by the four women as they stood on the front lawn and had a long conversation about dogs the weather and local house prices. All the while Mrs Blunt was vigorously working on Ed's privates. Eventually the groups broke up and as Mrs Blunt started to walk away she asked Mrs Watson if she could borrow Ed for a few hours that evening. She said she was hosting the women's group from her church and it was obvious from Ed's erection that he was having evil thoughts. She thought a bit of punishment from the women's group could cure him of those thoughts. Mrs Watson was quite gracious in saying that the girls would bring Ed over at seven. She asked if Ed's current attire (or lack thereof) was acceptable and Mrs Blunt said that would be fine.

They led Ed into their house. After Mrs Blunt had been stroking him Ed was right on the verge of a climax. His erection was standing straight up and quivering. Sally played with the head of his hard-on by running her finger tips around it. Ed was groaning with desire. Sally told him to stand in the corner as she walked away laughing. Mrs Watson had changed into a skin tight tee shirt that showed of her large breasts and nipples. The lace was still around his scrotum which nicely outlined his nuts. Mrs Watson led Ed into the family room. She got comfortable on the sofa and had Ed lay down almost in her lap with his face buried in her breasts. She reached between his legs, grasped his balls in one hand and lightly squeezed them, rolling them around between her finger tips. With her other hand she turned on the TV, selected a channel and settled down to watch TV. Ed's face was buried in Mrs Watson's breasts. He was moaning and clinging to her. His erection was still straight up, stiff and hard.

At seven Mrs Watson called Susie and told her to put some tape over Ed's mouth. She said she didn't want Ed begging the women's club members to jerk him off. She told Susie to wrap a towel around Ed's waist, since all he had on was a short sleeve shirt. Susie wrapped the towel around Ed and led him across the street by his balls. Ed still had his wrists tied behind his back. When she had Ed standing before the front door she removed the towel and gave his stiff erection a few strokes. Susie rang the door bell. Mrs Blunt opened the door, thanked Susie and grasped Ed's nuts and led him into the house. The church group had arrived earlier and had been discussing how best to treat Ed's evil thoughts and the best form of punishment. They concluded that electric shocks to his nuts would be a good form of punishment. It was clean with no fuss. Just plug an extension cord into a wall socket, strip the ends of the wires bare and touch one wire to one nut and the other wire to the other nut. Simple and effective. Ed would get the shock of his life. They had agreed that to ensure there was no lasting damage to Ed and to stop the blowing of fuses, the wire would just touch the nuts for a second.

It had been one thing to discuss punishing Ed while they were sitting together drinking tea but this was quite different. Mrs Blunt led Ed into the middle of the room. He was naked from the waist down and his erection was large and stiff. The women couldn't take their eyes off it. Ed had been teased for so long that he was thrusting his hips forward and back. The women were awe struck. They had never seen anything like it.

To be continued