Thursday, July 12, 2007


Ed was in the shower thinking of the argument he had just had with Susan, his wife, before she stormed of to work. They usually got along but they both had dominant personalities and they clashed a lot. Something just had to give or they were through. He thought about some of their friends and they were going through the same thing. Equality was all well and good but in a marriage there had to be one boss, calling the tune and that should be the male.

Ed got the damnedest shock when he stepped out of the shower. There were two attractive women standing there. They just stood there looking at him. The shorter of the two asked him if he was Edward Banks. Ed was so surprised he just nodded. One of the women said to the other "He's the one, bring him along". The other woman quickly grabbed Ed by his nuts, gave them a vicious squeeze which almost knocked Ed out from the pain and led him out of the house by his nuts. Ed was naked and in agony from the nut squeeze. She shoved him in the back of a van where there were two more women waiting. They tied Ed at his wrists and ankles, blindfolded him and put tape across his mouth. The other woman had got behind the wheel and was driving away. The whole thing took less than a minute.

Ed wriggled on the floor of the van and tried to shout. He felt one of the women take his balls and put them in a harness, which she pulled tight. She said to Ed "Listen number seven, your balls are in a harness attached to a rope, the other end of the rope is tied to a hook on the roof of this van. if you are quiet and don't move you will be OK. If you try wriggling and moving around the harness will rip your nuts right off. Understand?" Ed nodded he understood and laid unmoving.

Ed wasn't sure how long the drive took but it was quite a few hours.

Finally the van stopped and Ed has led out of the van by his nuts. He was put in a small room and was laid down, face first, on a softly carpeted floor. There was a hole in the floor and he was positioned so that his nuts went through the hole. The harness was removed and a cord was tied snugly around his scrotum, pulling on his nuts, pinning Ed to the floor. His wrists and ankles were untied and the blindfold and the tape over his mouth was removed. Ed could raise his head and look around the room, he could talk and could move his arms, legs and head but he was trapped by his nuts. He laid like that for hours. He shouted till he was hoarse but no one came. Finally he drifted off to sleep. He awoke with a searing pain across his backside. A beautiful young woman was crouched down beside him and was lashing his backside with a cane. The agony was extreme and Ed was screaming. Suddenly she stopped, stood up and left the room.

Ed was again left for hours. Suddenly he felt fingers wrapping around his balls. There was an explosion of pain. Ed laid on the floor, pinned there by the fingers pulling, squeezing and pinching his nuts. As he laid there another woman came into the room and crouched down beside Ed and watched him. She was crouched down with her legs spread and Ed could look up her skirt at her smooth thighs and white panties. Although he was in pain from his nuts he got a throbbing erection. The woman beside Ed called "That's enough, otherwise he'll pass out." Ed wanted to ask her why this was being done to him but all he could do was moan.

Occasionally the cord attached to his scrotum was loosened at the other end and Ed could move around the room.. He could use the toilet, sit at a table and eat whenever they bought him a meal. The the cord would pull and he learnt that he had to quickly scramble so his nuts were down through the hole and he was laying face down on the floor. That was how he slept but he was in such fear of the next beating that would come without warning that he rairly slept. For days, maybe weeks, he was spanked, beaten and had his balls worked over.

He knew he was being watched. Whenever he tried to masturbate he would be pulled back to the hole on the floor and his balls would get a major beating.

Whenever one of the women came into the room Ed tried to talk to them but they acted as if they were deaf. Prior to them coming into the room Ed got a tug on his nuts and he went and laid down over the hole. They had him pinned to the floor by his balls whenever a woman entered the room. Ed couldn't help it. Whenever he saw one of the women he got a stiff erection. Right after she left he would be released from the floor. He could stand up, walk around, lay on his back but not touch his erection. He was going out of his mind with desire for the women and fear that they would beat his nuts.

One day he was laying on the floor, getting his balls slapped when a beautiful woman Ed had never seen before came into the room. She called out "Loosen the cord for number seven" Then she addressed Ed. The first time anyone had spoken to him since they took him captive.

She said "Our job is to break you down completely number seven, to make you completely subservient to women. Stand before me and spread your legs. I am going to kick you in the nuts and you will do nothing to protect yourself. Put your hands on top of your head." Ed did what she told him to do. With lightning quick speed and force her foot slammed into Ed's groin, flattening his nuts. The weeks of ball busting had reduced the sensitivity of his balls but the vicious force of her kick still caused excruciating pain. Ed's knees came together, his hands clamped over his kicked nuts and he had that stunned surprised look of some poor guy kicked in the balls. He groaned and sank to his knees, then collapsed and fell onto his side, curled up clutching his nuts. The woman smiled and called out "Number seven is ready for the next step. Tighten the cord" Ed felt the cord pull and even though in terrible pain he scurried into position with his nuts down through the hole in the floor, pinned to the floor.

The woman sat down and said "Number seven, you were brought here about a month ago. This room is one of 24 we have here. These rooms are on the second floor of the building. Your nuts are in the room below, hanging from the ceiling. We have broken you. Now we will train you. You will be trained to instantly obey your mistress and you will be trained to give oral sex, exactly the way she likes it. You will be trained to be her slave. Here is your mistress. Ed looked up from the floor as his wife walked into the room. Susan smiled at Ed and told him he looked so foolish and helpless, naked and laying on the floor. She said "Ed, it's so good to see you. Things were not going well in our marriage and I felt something had to be done. Only one of us could be the dominant partner and I felt that should be me. I had heard excellent things about this training facility and it seemed to be just what you needed. I have been receiving reports on your training and you are doing very well. I am quite proud of you. The staff here has been told about my preferences for oral sex and they will train you. They will also train you regarding domestic chores and how to act in mixed company. At home you will be like a sniveling dog but in public you will be courteous and attendant to my every wish. This place is expensive but well worth it."

The woman asked Susan if there was anything else she wanted to say to Ed. She said 'No, just release him from the floor and have him stand before me." The woman called "Loosen number seven" The cord on Ed's nuts was loosened and Ed was told to stand up. His wife came up to him, reached down between his legs and cradled his nuts in her hand. She smiled at Ed as she looked into his eyes. "Get used to this Ed" and she stared to squeeze his nuts. She squeezed tighter and tighter till Ed was wailing in agony.

Susan left and for the next week Ed received further training. Then he was loaded into a van and was driven back home, a trip lasting about ten hours. He was naked, blindfolded and tied down. When he arrived home he was led into the house. His wife met him at the front door and told him she had arranged a welcome home party. She led him, by his nuts, into the family room. About half a dozen of his wife's closest women friends were waiting. They all burst out laughing at the site of Ed, naked with an erection, being led around by his wife holding his balls. Susan told Ed to get onto all fours, like a dog.

Susan thanked one her friends, Amy, for telling her about the training facility. Amy laughed and said it was the best thing that had happened in her marriage, nothing like having a man literally by the balls. They asked Nancy how the training was coming with her husband. Nancy said she had been receiving reports and it took a while to brake Bill but the training is going well and she can hardly wait till she gets to see him. Susan told her that when she first saw Ed she walked up to him and grabbed him by the nuts and squeezed and squeezed. She wanted ed to realize right from the start what awaited him if he ever disobeyed her. Susan got up and walked behind Ed and told him to spread his back legs. His dangling balls made an inviting target. She asked Patty to come over and give Ed a swift kick in the nuts. Patty laughed self consciously and got up and stood behind Ed. The girls began urging Patty but she just looked embarrassed. Nancy said "Pretend it's Bert, your husband". Patty closed her eyes in concentration then yelled "Burt, you bastard!" and unleashed a vicious kick between Ed's legs, a kick that lifted the back of Ed clear off the ground. The kick flattened Ed's nuts. Ed made a mewing noise and passed out cold. The girls were surprised by the animosity Patty showed.

Patty told the girls that since Burt had come into quite an inheritance he had changed and not for the better. He quit his job and layed around the house all day and went out at night drinking. Patty was pretty sure he was having an affair, or maybe two or three. The only time he noticed Patty was to yell at her or threaten her with a backhand. The girls urged Patty to get Burt into training. With his inheritance the cost was no problem. All she had to do was pick up the phone and in about 6 weeks she would have a new and improved Burt. She would have him by the balls. After a bit of urging Susan dialed the number and told the administrator that she had a new client and then she put Patty on the line. After answering some questions she was instructed on how to make the payment by a bank wire transfer everything was arranged. Patty was assured that within 48 hours of payment Burt would be picked up and training would begin.

Now 5 of the 6 girls had training completed, underway or scheduled for their husbands. Donna was the only one of the six who was single. She was the executive secretary of the president of a large industrial company. The president, Freddy, was the son of the founder and considered himself quite the single playboy. The company was doing well in spite of Freddy. All the other executives knew the real power lay with Donna. She ran the company but she was getting exasperated and angry with Freddy's tantrums and his habit of hitting on all the new female hires. Donna recently had to settle two of Freddy's sexual harassment cases. The girls knew of Donna's problems with Freddy. Donna had often said she was thinking of quitting. The girls told Donna to think of how much better things would be if Freddy was under control. It would be better for the company, better for Donna and even better for Freddy. The girls pointed out that Freddy was ruining his liver from all his drinking. Staying up all night was doing him no good. He was probably having unprotected sex and it was just a matter of time till he came down with some terrible disease. The girls presented all this to Donna but she was still undecided. Then Susan said 'What if Freddy met some real conniving bitch who managed to get him drunk (easy enough to do) and married him. Then six month later took him to the cleaners in a divorce. The settlement would probably ruin the company and all the work you had put into it would be worth nothing." Donna said "Call that company. Lets get Freddy into training right away"