Friday, July 20, 2007

Tennis club

Es had a dream job, the only man at an all woman tennis club. He was the handyman and looked after maintenance. He kept himself in good shape and used to wear tight shorts that showed off his package. Ed got a real kick out of the way the club members would look at his package, some slyly and others openly. He got to wearing shorts made from very lightweight material which didn't leave much to the imagination.

Every year the club held a mothers/daughters doubles competition. It was a lot of fun for the members. They had some prizes and a barbeque. Ed looked forward to it. He would set up the barbeque near the pool and cook the burgers and hot dogs. He had a special pair of white shorts he always wore that really showed of his package. With a tight white tee shirt he figured he looked pretty good and a lot of the women agreed.

Some of the daughters were a real handful, spoilt and mouthy. One of the worse was Angel Baker. Mrs Baker thought Angel lived up to her name. Last year Angel caught Ed in the nuts with her tennis racket that she said was an accident and all the club members found it so amusing to see big Ed down on his knees clutching his nuts.

The daughters began running around the pool and Ed was worried one of them would slip and hurt themselves. He called out that there was no running near the pool but he was ignored. One of the young women went running by Ed so he reached out and grabbed her by the arm. It was Angel. He pulled her and she swung around and pressed herself against Ed and in the same motion slipped her hand down his shorts and grabbed his nuts. Her fingers wrapped around his nuts and she squeezed and she shouted at Ed to never grab her. Poor Ed, paralyzed by the pain, was still holding her arm. Angel screamed at Ed to let go of her arm as she squeezed his balls tighter. Ed was screaming in agony. Mrs Baker looked over to see what the fuss was about and saw her darling daughter with her hand down Ed's shorts and it was obvious she had Ed by his nuts. Mrs Baker smiled tolerantly and suggested to Angel that she let Ed go - he had learnt his lesson about grabbing the guests. Then Ed started to scream "ohfuck, goddam, ohfuck, oh my nuts, my fuckingnuts". Mrs Baker, Angel's mother, shouted at Ed to watch his language, there were women present. Ed replied "Ya, and one of them has me by the nuts, oh myfuckingnuts" Now other women were calling for Ed to stop swearing. Ed collapsed to the ground and Angel crouched down beside him, with her hand down his shorts, still squeezing his nuts. She had a big grin and wasn't about to let go. Ed was wailing in agony, cursing and swearing about his nuts.
Now the women were getting angry with Ed with one saying "That can't hurt that much. Stop play acting and clean up your language. You should be ashamed of yourself!" and others calling for Angel to really punish Ed. Mrs Baker bought Angel a pillow so she wouldn't scrape her knees. Angel said the band of Ed shorts was digging into her wrist so a couple of the women pulled down and removed his shorts. Mrs Baker got another pillow so Angel could sit comfortably between Ed's legs. Angel was really enjoying herself. She was the center of attention. She was experimenting with Ed's nuts and she found that by digging her thumbs into each ball she could get Ed to really scream. Ed wasn't swearing any longer - it was just one long scream.

Eventually Mrs Baker got Angel to let go of Ed's nuts. A couple of the women helped Ed into the club house. They laid him on the floor and got a shallow bowl of crushed ice and laid his nuts in the ice. One of the women looked in the club house and laughed "A half hour ago I was having a fantasy about Ed's package. Look at him now, comatose with his nuts in a bowl of ice." The women held an impromptu meeting and decided that the punishment so far was insufficient for the obscene and profane language Ed had used. Mrs Baker said she would volunteer to take Ed back to her house and she and Angel could spend the weekend punishing Ed. She said that since Mr Baker had passed away there were a number of jobs that needed to be done around the house and Ed could do those in return for his room and board over the weekend. The women thought that was an excellent idea. They stressed to Mrs Baker and Angel that they should not stint in the punishment to Ed. Angel laughed and promised she would not stint in punishing Ed.

Angel went over and slapped Ed's nuts and then grabbed him by his nuts and led him out to their car. Ed was crying about his aching nuts and all the women were smiling as Angel put him in the car and sat down beside him with her hand between his legs. Mrs Baker drove away. Ed lay curled up on the seat beside Angel. Her firm grip on his nuts became the center of his universe.