Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Job

Ed found himself a great summer job while in university, working at a bakery, running a cake dough machine. It was mind numbing boring but it paid reasonably well. He just stood facing the machine. Beyond it was a wall. He had his back to the bakery floor. At least most of the other workers could move around a bit. They were all women. His job required upper body strength to lift and move the loaded trays so he was the one man.

As he got to know them he found them to be a pleasant group of women. They were earthy but nice. He was amazed how they could be upbeat in such boring, dead end jobs. As he found out they would do anything to break the monotony.

Due to the heat from the baking ovens Ed wore a pair of loose fitting shorts, a tee shirt and, since he was on his feet all day, heavy work boots. He was young and good looking with an attractive muscular body. The women decided to have some fun. Sandy came up behind him, reached up the leg of his loose shorts and gave his balls a squeeze. Sandy had told the other women what she was planning so they were all watching. Ed leaped from the squeeze and all the women burst out laughing. Even Ed's supervisor was killing herself with laughter. After that all the women had to have a go at squeezing Eds nuts. Each time the whole floor would have a good laugh. They tried to time it so they squeezed his nuts while he had a tray full of molds, each mold full of dough. If they timed it right Ed would leap in surprise and the tray, molds and dough would go flying. That was guaranteed to bring down the house. They called it ringing the college kid's bells. Ed was getting his bells wrung all day, every day.

The truth be told - Ed enjoyed getting his bells wrung. He would stand in his loose shorts with boxer shorts and his nuts would hang between his legs. He loved the feeling of the woman's hand brushing his thigh, her fingers finding his balls and then wrapping around them. The actual squeeze was unbelievable pain but it only lasted a second. Then there was the whole floor laughing, both with and at him. One of the women had gotten a bit rough and hadn't let go right away. She found it funny to hold on and watch Ed writhing in agony on the floor. The rest of the women found this hilarious and thought Ed was play acting - a squeeze to the nuts couldn't hurt that much they said. Soon all the women were doing it - squeezing his nuts and not letting go.

Ed had never mentioned the bell wringing to his supervisor (Ms Higgins) and she had never brought it up with Ed. Ms Higgins had even rung Ed's bells a few times. Ms Higgins had brought it up with the bakery owner who had enquired to Ms Higgins what all the laughter on the bakery floor was about. The owner whose office was on the second floor had heard it for the last few weeks and finally asked Ms Higgins about it. The owner was initially outraged when told about her staff wringing Ed's bells on company time, and also that the staff was taking company time for foolery. Ms Higgins explained to her that the women had speeded up so as to get more chances to ring Ed's bells and productivity was up over 15%. The owner, Miss Beasly, who had inherited the bakery from her father, was a no nonsense busness woman who rarely went down to the bakery floor but a 15% productivity gain was very impressive and this she had to see. They both went to the bakery floor and Ms Higgins explained that it may take a while for a staff member to get a chance to wring Ed's bells. Miss Beasly said she didn't have time to waste so she strode across the bakery floor, got behind Ed, reached up his shorts, grabbed his nuts and gave them a vicious squeeze. Ed let out a dreadfull wail and passed out cold. Miss Beasly sniffed that he had glass nuts and went back to her office.

Miss Beasly sat in her office with a wonderful feeling. Squeezing Ed's nuts had given her a wonderful feeling of control and power. Miss Beasly was a very good looking woman but she had no social life, from an early age her whole life had been business. The businessmen of her town were terrified of her. She was ruthless in business and was know as a castrating bitch. A couple of times she had threatened local businessmen that she would cut off their nuts and she found it funny how they would instinctively cover their nuts with their hands. She had often thought about it but up to know she had never really had a man by the nuts. Holding Ed by his nuts was a great feeling and one she wanted to experience again and often. She phoned down to Ms Higgins that as soon as Ed was coherent she wanted him brought up to her office. About an hour later Ms Higgins tapped on the boss'es door and said that Ed was here. Miss Beasly invited them both into her office and smiled at Ed. He looked pathetic, bent over and clutching his nuts. Miss Beasly helped Ed into a chair. He was obviously terrified which pleased Miss Beasly. She started of by telling Ed how pleased she was with the productivity gain and asked if there was anything she could do to ensure the gain continued. Ed put up his hand to indicate if he could speak. Miss Beasly nodded and Ed begged her not to squeeze his nuts again. She just smiled and asked her secretary to send in the company nurse. She then suggested to her secretary that she stay since she might find the next little while interesting.

The nurse was really a student nurse who came in part time. She had gone to high school with Ed and had since enrolled in the university nursing program. Norma was well aware of the ringing of Ed's bells and had even had a go. Miss Beasly said "Norma, please take a seat. I think you know Ed. I would like you to check his testicles to see that they are OK. They suffered a bit of trauma and I want to make sure Ed is all right. Ed, please stand before Norma and pull down your pants." All four women (Ms Higgins, Miss Beasley, the secretary and Norma) had smiles as Ed stood before Norma and pulled down his shorts. Norma took a ball and rolled it around between her finger tips, probing it gently as Ed stood with a look of alarm on his face, first one ball and then the other. Miss Beasley asked Norma to explain what she was doing and then asked if she could try it. By the time Norma had finished and had passed Ed's balls on to Miss Beasly Ed had a throbbing erection.

Miss Beasly was holding Ed's balls in her hand. She looked at Ed's hard-on and shouted at Ed to explain himself. Ed got red in the face and stammered that he couldn't help himself. Miss Beasly said that was no excuse and she gave Ed's nuts a tight squeeze. Ed let out a scream of agony. That brought all the upper floor staff to Miss Beasly's door. They were all women and they crowded around the door looking in. There was Miss Beasly, squatting down on her heels beside Ed, with his pants down and Miss Beasly squeezing Ed's nuts. Norma came over and squatted down on the other side of Ed. She took his still firm erection in her hand and began to slowly stroke it. Miss Beasly asked her secretary to get her video camera out and videotape Ed. Miss Bealsy let go of Ed's nuts and stood up, directly above Ed. She instructed Norma to stop stroking Ed's hard-on. Ed was laying on his back with a firm, quivering erection. Miss Beasly looked down at Ed. He gazed up Miss Beasly's skirt, groaned and took his erection in his hand and began to masturbate. Miss Beasly laughed looking down at Ed. All the other women in the office and gathered around the door were also looking down at Ed and were laughing. The secretary was still videotaping Ed.

Just as Ed was about to climax, Miss Beasly reached down, grabbed Ed by his nuts and pulled him to a standing position and told him to let go of his erection and pull up his shorts and get back to work. Ms Higgins accompanied Ed back to his machine. Ed's bells were rung all summer.