Monday, August 6, 2007

Mary Worth

We met Mary Worth a while back in Picture Frames. She had received her first promotion. Since then she has done very well. Ms Worth is now the Director of Information Technology. She has a large group of young professionals, both male and female. The four managers reporting directly to her are all women.

Ms Worth wants to be the next VP of Finance & Admin. She considers all the other Directors in the company as her competitors. She wears the shortest possible skirts and just waits for one of the male directors to make a sexist comment or better yet, to touch her, however fleeting or innocent. She will then turn on him and swiftly kick him between the legs. As the guy bends over in agony, Ms Worth grabs his hair to pull him halfway upright and then kicks him again in the nuts, usually twice. She has managed to once or twice nail all the male directors except the Director of Accounting.

Her boss, Jane Porter, the current VP of Finance & Admin is an accomplished ballbuster and she heartily approves of Ms Worth's domination of her male colleagues. Ms Porter was to soon be the President of the company and she was looking at the Directors reporting to her for the next VP. One day Ms Worth went to her boss, Ms Porter, and asked her to accompany her and one of her managers, Peggy Jones, to Frank Mason's office. Frank was the Director of Accounting and was the only Director who had not been kicked in the nuts by Ms Worth. It was recognized that the future VP was to be either Ms Worth or Mr Mason.

The three women walked into Mr Mason's office and closed the door. Ms Worth told Mr Mason to step away from his desk. He did so, clutching his nuts. This caused Ms Worth to smile and the other two women to giggle. Just a couple of days previously Ms Worth had managed to position herself before the Credit Director who was reading a report as he walked into her. Ms Worth yelled at him and kicked him in the groin , she then moved in and held him in a bear hug as she repeatedly drove her knee up between his legs. He was wailing in agony and by the fourth knee he passed out. This was before most of the staff, including Mr Mason. The men were terrified of her and the women thought she was some kind of hero.

Ms Worth sat before his computer on his desk. She clicked some keys and a picture showed a scantily clad woman holding some naked fellow by the balls. The woman was laughing and the naked fellow looked to be in agony. She then scrolled down many similar pictures. Ms Worth had sent the photos to Mr Mason's computer a few days ago. She had attended a meeting in his office with. Peggy Jones, one of her managers where both women had sat opposite him all morning with their legs spread. When they left his office at noon the women had a good laugh. Mr Mason was trying to hide a stiff erection. As soon as they got back to Ms Worth's office they sent him the file which opened on his computer. Poor Mason was in his office with the door locked and was jerking off. He looked at the pictures and that got him even more exited.

Ms Worth asked him why he had pornography on his computer. Mr Mason denied knowledge of the file. Ms Worth just laughed as she pulled up another file. She reminded Mr Mason that he had signed an agreement that surveillance was part of the employment contract. She then showed the file. It was of Mr Mason in his locked office with his pants down around his ankles, jerking off as he was watching a photo of some woman punching a naked guy in the nuts.

The three women were glaring at Mason. He had a guilty ashen look on his face. He said he was sorry and would never do that again. Ms Worth said that was not acceptable. What she wanted was to completely beat Mason down so he would never be a competitor to her. He was good in his job but she wanted him permanently subservient. Ms Porter understood what Ms Worth had done and found it amusing. Peggy Jones was caught up in the excitement and was having fun. Ms Worth told Mason he had a choice, termination and public humiliation or immediate punishment and then continuation in his position with occasional follow up punishment to ensure that he didn't revert to his disgusting behavior. With his head down Mason said "I'll take the punishment." Ms Worth shouted at him "You'll take the punishment! You'll take the punishment! You stupid bastard! You'll take nothing! If you want to avoid termination and public ridicule you had better beg for punishment. Take of your pants and undershorts and get down on your knees and beg for punishment you idiot." With a shocked look on his face Mason took of his pants and undershorts. He dropped to his knees before Ms Worth and begged her to punish him. Ms Porter found the whole thing extremely amusing and Peggy Jones was wide eyed with excitement. Peggy was turned on with the total humiliation of a senior Director and thought of his punishment.

Ms Worth stood before kneeling Mason. She had her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide. With her very short skirt the white crotch of her panties was visible, especially to Mason, kneeling before her. She stepped forward so that her crotch was only inches from his face. She said "You're being a good boy Frank, I'll let you jerk off for a while - no coming but you can jerk off". Frank grabbed his rapidly stiffening erection and began to stroke himself. Ms Worth then said "Good boy Frank. Beg now. Beg for Peggy to grab you by your nuts and give them a good long squeeze. If you beg real nice maybe Ms Porter will kick your nuts. Wouldn't you like that Frank, to have your nuts kicked by the Vice President?" Frank was now rapidly masturbating and begging Ms Porter to kick him in the nuts. Ms Porter laughed, congratulated Ms Worth and swiftly kicked Frank in the nuts. Frank fell face forward, still jerking off and moaning about his balls. Peggy rolled him onto his back, sat on his chest and grabbed a nut in each hand and began squeezing. Frank spread his legs and accepted the severe punishment. He began shaking all over and then had a massive climax, spewing semen all over himself.

Ms Worth said "That's all for now Frank. Clean yourself up and get back to work. Remember that ever few days Peggy or I will come in your office, lock the door and you can beg for some follow up punishment so you don't forget to be good and obedient. As a present, I'll leave the file of the woman ball buster on your computer. You can watch it as much as you want but no playing with yourself - remember, I'll have you under surveillance."