Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kicked at the Garden Center

A couple of years ago I went to a local garden center to pick up a large planter. I selected one and picked it up. It wasn't heavy but it was bulky and the only way I could carry it was to hold it chest high and wrap my arms around it. This left me vunerable from the waist down. I went to the check out counter and the young cashier was finishing with a customer and there was a woman waiting her turn. She was attractive and in her early thirties. I stepped in front of her and said I was in a hurry. She said "Wait your turn. I'm next". I turned around, spread my legs and said "Not any more, I'm next" I offered her a perfect target. I could tell from her glance to my groin she was thinking about it but she did nothing. I paid for the planter and as I walked away I heard the girl cashier say to the woman "You should have kicked him in the nuts. What a jerk"
I went out to my car, put the planter on the ground and opened my trunk. I waited a minute to see if the woman behind me was coming out and if she was parked near me. Lucky Day! She was heading my way. As she got closer I picked up the planter and called to her that she shouldn't be so impatient and she should learn her place. I then turned and put the planter into the trunk. I leaned forward into the trunk with my legs spread. I heard her steps coming in my direction and then I felt an explosion of pain. She kicked me from behind square in my balls. I groaned in agony, clamped my hands over my balls and slowly slid from the trunk onto the ground. When I came to she was gone but what a memory.
She was a real ballbuster, a groin kick woman, a nutcrushed.