Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Visitor

My wife and I have been married a couple of years. We both work and are doing well in our carreers and have decided to hold off on having children. Recently a girl from Japan that my wife, Marie, knew when she was an exchange student in japan came to vist with us. She was the youngest child of the family my wife stayed with. Rika was a lively teenager who had just finished school but usually dressed in her school uniform, a very short skirt with white ankle socks and buckled shoes, a blouse and sometimes a short jacket. In our village in southern France her uniform wasn't much different from what our girls wore in school, except her skirt was definately shorter. Although there was quite a difference in years Marie and Rika were soon like old friends. Marie had taken some time off work so she and Rika were together quite a bit.
In the evening we would sit in our family room and the girls would tell about their day together. Rika always managed to sit directly across from me. With her short skirt it was all I could do not to stare at her smooth thighs and the beautifull mound outlined by her white underpanties. She usually used a pillow so Marie couldn't see how she was sitting with her legs slightly apart. From the slight smiles Rika gave me it seemed that she thought it was great fun to get me exited and keep me that way all evening.
After a week Marie suggested that I ask for a few days off work and we could drive up to Paris and visit the Disney park. It was about a four hour drive and we drove up Friday evening to the hotel we had booked. Both Rika and Marie were excited about the trip. It was quite late by the time we were underway. I was driving with Rika up front beside me. I had borrowed my boss's small company van which had three rows of seat so there was plenty of room. Marie was in the middle row of seats and our luggage was on the back seat. After an hour or so it got dark and Marie fell asleep and Rika said she was tired and would lay down. We had bought some pillows and blankets so Marie had a blanket and Rika put a pillow on the small console seperating the front seats and laid down pulling a blanket over her. I was shocked, amazed and exited when Rika laid down with her head in my lap. She tucked her hands under her head and her right hand come down over my rapidly stiffening erection. I had on a very light weight pair of summer shorts. She didn't say anything and closed her eyes like she was asleep but her thumb played with the tip of my hard-on and her finger gently and slowly rubbed up and down my hard-on. Rika kept me on the edge of a climax for three full hours. By the time we got to the hotel I was going out of my mind. It was a wonder I kept the car on the road. I called out when we got there. Rika reached a bit lower and gave my balls a tight squeeze and sat up. Marie sat up in the back seat, looked at me and asked if I was alright. I guess I had the look of someone with a stiff erection who just got a painfull nut squeeze. Marie asked if I was coming down with a cold.
It was a nice hotel and we had two rooms. The fun park was great but lots of people. On Sunday afternoon we lined up for the mountain express ride. It was a dark roller coasted inside a fake mountain. Marie didn't like rides so she said she didn't want to go. Rika begged me to go with her. We got into line. It was very tight with people all around us. It looked like we had a half hour wait. As we inched forward I felt a hand slip up my shorts and grasp onto my left testicle. I gasped in pain and shock. I looked down and there was Rika with her arm up my shorts. She smiled up at me and put her finger over her lips telling me to be quiet. For half an hour she squeezed and massaged first one ball, then the other, back and forth giving both of them a brutal workout. With the people so close and Rika being so short no one could see her arm up my shorts. If it wasn't for the people pressed around us I would have fallen over. I was in agony. Rika seemed to be enjoying herself. She had a sunny smile on her face and was humming a tune.
At last we got to the head of the line and she released me. I staggered over to the ride and sat down beside Rika. A steel bar held us in. As soon as the ride was full we headed of into the dark. Rika didn't wast any time. She pulled my shorts forward with one hand and slipped her other hand down the front and grabbed my right nut. She squeezed as tight as she could. All the other people were screaming from fright of the ride. I was screaming in dreadfull agony. For three minutes I held onto that steel bar and screamed. Finally the ride was over. Rika pulled her hand out of my shorts and as the bar was lifted she jumped out saying that was fun and with a laugh asked me if I wanted to go again. I just sat there. A couple of the attendants helped me out of the seat and away from the ride. As Marie and Rika hepled me to a nearby bench one of the attendants said that some people just can't take a roller coasted ride. I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon sitting on that bench, clutching my nuts. Marie and Rika enjoyed the fun park.
That evening driving home Marie said I seemed to have the flu and was in no shape to be driving. Marie drove. Rika got me a pillow and blanket and I laid out on the middle row of seats. Rika and Marie rearranged the luggage and Rika laid down on the back row. After a while it was dark. Rika quietly whispered my name and told me to lay with my stomach against the seat back which I did. Her hand slipped between the middle seat back and bottom. I unzipped and put my erection into her hand. For a couple of hours she gave me an exquisitly slow hand job. It was a wonderful feeling and I had lost touch with reality. I was moaning and groaning, right on the verge of a climax. Marie heard me and thinking I was ill, pulled off the road, turned on the cabin light and looked into the middle seat. Rika had removed her hand so I had gripped my erection and was wildly pumping away, maoning and groaning. My shorts had come off and the blanket had slipped off me. Marie is very straight laced and to see me masturbating in the van outraged her. She shouted that I was a pervert and swung her fist down between my legs. My world exploded. She scored a direct hit on my tender nuts. In a second I went from the edge of a climax to unbearable agony. I screamed and almost passed out. Rika got into the swing of things, looked over from the back seat and also called me a pervert and punched me between the legs as hard as Marie did.
Marie was outraged. We were almost home. After being twice punched in my already tender balls I couldn't move. I lay on the middle seat, naked from the waist down, moaning and holding my battered testicles. Marie asked Rika to get into the middle seat and if I started to masturbate again she was to punch me in the nuts again. Rika happily agreed. As soon as Marie got the van back onto the road, Rika punched me in the nuts again, claiming that I had started to jerk off. As we pulled into our drive she punched me again. I passed out.
It had been quite a trip.