Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Promotion

I had recently taken over the running of our company from my father who had retired. His secretary of many years retired and I hired a replacement. To tide me over till she could start I hired a temp. When Sue was introduced to me I thought that she was a beautiful airhead. Very pretty with a stunning figure. In her very short skirt and tight blouse she was gorgeous As it turned out she was a hard worker and bright. It was obvious she wanted the job.
I had an important staff meeting coming up in a few days. I needed a lot out of her so I inferred that if she did a good job the position would be hers. Since my dad had retired a power struggle had erupted amongst the managers reporting to me. I had to put it out without offending any of them. They were important to the company but the bickering was out of hand. In the meeting I was going to deliniate their responsibilities and put an end to the internal strife. Sue worked very hard in getting everything ready including the hand-outs and the flip charts.
The morning of the meeting the permanent replacement started and I told Sue we would have to let her go. Sue took it quite well and asked if she could have a couple of minutes to get her things together and have a minute of my time in my office. I said sure. A few minutes later Sue walked into my office, closed the door and locked it. She came up to my desk and held out her hand for a handshake. I stood up and took her hand. Her other hand came up between my legs and she grabbed me by my balls. The pain was so severe I was paralized. with her free hand she slapped a piece of adhesive tape over my mouth. She then held my balls in one hand and unzipped me and pulled down my pants. Sue laid me down on the carpet and sat between my outstreched legs and seriously squeezed my balls. With the tape I couldn't scream. I was making a low moaning sound. Sue kept at it. She dug her thumbs right into the middle of each testicle. I had never before felt so helpless and in such agony. Sue was smiling as she tortured me. Just as I was about to pass out Sue let up. She helped me up and pulled up my pants and zipped me in. I couldn't move. She removed the tape from my mouth and helped me out of my office and down the hall to the conference room. The managers were there and waiting. Sue helped me into my chair at the end of the table and pulled up a chair and sat beside me. She told the managers that I was not feeling well and had larangitus and she would fill in for me. The managers began to complain but as Sue stood up and walked to the flip chart in her very short skirt the complaints died away.
Since Sue had prepaired the charts and the hand outs she was able to lead the managers thru my presentation. She had a natural ability to lead a discusion and bring differing sides to a concensus. She could lead in a non threatening way and by the end of the meeting all the managers were feeling pretty good about their position and Sue had them all feeling they had won and protected their turf. I was in so much pain I just sat there trying not to moan. As the meeting broke up the managers came up and said they hoped I was feeling well and they all said what a find I had in Sue and hiring her was the best move I had ever made. Sue had said during the presentation that she was my executive assistant and I was in such discomfort that I didn't dispute it. Also, I was afraid what she would do to my balls if I corrected her.
After the meeting broke up Sue locked the conference door and told me we had to have a talk. She reached down between my legs and gripped my balls, pulled me up and laid me out on the conference table. Like in my office, she had my pants down and a firm grip on my nuts. She said we should talk about her job. She said she would make an excellent execuive assistant and the secretary I hired could report to her. Sue said that she would look after all my needs herself. She squeezed my nuts. I agreed with everything she said.