Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Subway

It was the middle of the afternnon and the subway was pretty busy. I was waiting for my train when I noticed a couple of black girls down the platform. They were evidently enjoying themselves. As people were comong off a train they were in the middle of the group, pushing, tripping and in general hassling the crowd. People took it in stride, they just wanted to get on their way. There was a beligerant looking young guy with dyed hair and a leather jacket pushing his way thru the crowd. One of the girls came up behind him and with the edge of her hand gave him a quick chop up between his legs. His knees came together and his hands clamped over his nuts. He had a stunned expression as he slowly sank to his knees. The girls had moved a bit up the platform and were laughing as they watched him. He managed to get back up and he shuffled off, bent over and clutching his nuts. The girls were a couple of real ballbusters. I moved behind a pillar halfway down the platform and watched them. They tripped an old lady and then nailed a couple more guys with the same move, a swift chop to their testicles from behind. They were mean girls and having a great time.
The platform cleared out between trains. They saw me standing down the platform and with mean grins on their faces they started walking towards me. But then they stopped. I am taller than average and quite muscular. They were small and the station was empty. To encourage them I put my hands over my groin and started to back up with a scared look on my face. That was all they needed. As they walked towards me I kept backing up to the far end of the platform and then along the far wall until I was backed up into a corner, unseen from the platform. They were laughing and the smaller of the two asked me what I was afraid off. I said I was afraid they were going to kick me in the nuts. They grinned and said that was a good idea. I had some money on me so I asked how much money would it take not to get kicked in the nuts. They told me to give them what I had. I had a bit of cash in one pocket and more in the other. I pulled out most of my cash and handed it to them. I found it extremely exiting to talk about getting kicked in the nuts but I knew the pain would be severe so I didn't want it to actually happen. Then they told me to pull down my pants. I asked them to promise not to kick my nuts. They agreed so I pulled down my pants. They burst out laughing as my stiff erection sprang straight out, swinging from side to side.
The smaller of the two girls, who seemd to be the leader, reached out and grabbed me by my balls. She told me to be quiet and she squeezed. I started to scream and the other girl clamped her hand over my mouth. I fell to the floor in the corner and they both crouched down over me. They took turns, squeezing and slapping my nuts. Eventually they got bored. The little one laughed and said they kept their side of the bargain - they didn't kick me in the nuts. They walked out of the station laughing and splitting up my cash