Friday, January 12, 2007

What a Gift

Ted ran a small specialty elecrical manufacturing company. It was just him and half a dozen women. He designed the parts and the girls assembled and shipped them. Ted was a good boss, he was young and good looking and a bit shy. The girls all liked him. For his birthday they all chipped in and bought him a gag gift. It was a gift certificate to a local dominatrix who had taken on city hall over a business license and won and also got a lot of free publicity.
There was a lot of laughter and comments and Ted took it all in good spirit but offered to return it since he wouldn't use it. That led to a lot of good natured kidding. Ted kept the certificate in the bottom of a desk draw. The girls from time to time would jokingly ask him if he had used it. What Ted didn't know was for an extra $120.00 the girls got a bonus with the certificate. If Ted called in and made an appointment they would phone the girls and they could come and watch the session through a one-way mirror.
Eventually, curiosity and desire got the better of Ted and he phoned and made an appointment for the next day over the lunch period. By the time he showed up the girls were already seated in the view room. It sat 6 across so they were seated in a row, in comfortable chairs, elevated a few feet from the floor. In front of them was a full wall window (actually a one way mirror) looking into the session room. It seemed well equipped with a stock, a tie down table and various whips, chains, and restraints. The girls had been all given a glass of champagne. The girls were exited and laughing, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ted's privates and maybe see him get a spanking.
The receptionist who had shown them into the view room rolled a large TV monitor in front and left them. The TV came on and showed Ted standing nervously before a desk. The receptionist came into view and sat down behind the desk and asked Ted for the gift certificate and asked Ted what he wanted. Ted just stood there looking embarrassed. The girl got up, walked around the desk and stood before Ted. She barely came up to his shoulders. She reached up and held onto his shoulders as she drove her knee up into his balls. Ted let out a screech and sank down onto his knees before her, his hands clamped over his balls and a stunned look on his face. He looked so stupid that the girls couldn't help themselves - in a few moments they were all laughing at the sight of Ted, clutching his balls and looking completely stunned.
She grasped Ted by his hair and slapped his face and told him that when she asked a question she expected an immediate reply. Ted struggled to his feet still cluching his nuts. The receptionist again asked him what he wanted and looking shamefaced Ted said he wanted his balls squeezed. She told him to strip. As Ted stripped the girls gasped in amazement. Ted had a large quivering hard erection. The receptionist grasped his erection and led him out of the room. A few moments later she led him into the session room. She positioned the stock in front of the window/mirror. It was a standing stock and she positioned Ted with his head and hands through the stock. She attached ankle shackles to him and tied them to eye bolts in the floor. Ted was standing, unable to move with his legs widely spread. He was at ninety degrees to the window. The girls were staring at his massive erection.
The dominatrix came into the room and without wasting any time grabbed Ted's balls, one in each hand and very slowly squeezed them tighter and tighter. She smiled up at Ted and asked if that hurt. Ted groaned "Yes". She asked him if he wanted her to stop. Ted groaned "No". This broke the girls up. They had come expecting a glimpse of his privates and a spanking. Instead they had a full view of his stiff erection and getting his balls squeezed.
More to come soon.