Monday, January 15, 2007

What A Gift - Part 2

In the first part, the girls who worked for Ted gave him a gift certificate with a local Dominatrix. Part of the deal was that they could watch, unknown by Ted. The girls thought it would be fun and maybe catch a glimpse of Ted's privates and see him get a spanking. They saw much more than that.
By now the girls had had a few glasses of champagne and were laughing uncontrollably at the sight of Ted's throbbing erection and the dominatrix squeezing his balls. Linda, the dominatrix, started to tease and deny Ted. She attached a small sleeve to the tip of Ted's erection which was attached to a flexible vacuum hose. The sleeve slid up and down Ted's erection and produced a sucking sensation. Linda slowed it down and poor Ted, who was back in the stocks, was on tip toes, thrusting his hips and groaning with desire and frustration. Linda left it on Ted and came into the view room. She asked the girls how they liked the session so far. The girls responded with laughter, cheers and applause. Linda said that Ted was a perfect client with a deep desire to be controlled.
Linda said that for the last few minutes of the session it was up to them to decide what to do with Ted. She said they could watch Ted being teased and denied, they could watch Linda work on his nuts or they could really blow Ted's mind by getting involved.
All of the girls wanted to get hands on with Ted. Linda pointed out that this would change the power dynamics with Ted, who she understood was their boss. The girls laughed and said they would sort that out later. Linda moved the stock so that Ted was right before the glass mirror/window. She pressed a button and the glass all slid to the side. Ted was staring right at his staff. Since they were slightly elevated and all the girls wanted to tease Ted they opened their legs a bit and gave Ted a look up their skirts. Mona, Teds secretary was the first girl out of her chair. Ted was standing with his head and hands thru the wooden stock and his legs spread. The suction device was still on the end of Ted's erection, slowly sliding up and down. Mona smiled at Ted and began to gently massage his balls, rolling them around with her finger tips. She asked Ted if he wanted his balls squeezed. Ted nodded. Mona said that wasn't good enough - he had to beg to have her squeeze his balls. Ted started to beg, he pleaded with Mona. The other girls were watching and laughing, urging Ted to beg better. Mona smiled and squeezed. She was holding a testicle in each hand. She squeezed and Ted screamed and writhed and jerked around in the stock. Mona was digging her thumbs into each testicle. Linda looked concerned and suggested that Mona should stop. She pointed out that any more would cause permanent damage. Ted had passed out.
Mona and another girl took Ted back to his apartment and put him to bed. Mona stayed for a few hours putting ice on Ted's nuts. The other girls went back to work. The next day Ted was not in. The girls had a meeting. The following morning Ted came to work, red faced and embarrassed. He went into his office. There was a letter on his desk from his staff.
The letter said:
" We had a meeting yesterday and discussed a number of things. We realized that the session with the dominatrix did a lot to raise staff morale and was, in a word, fun. We also realized that you have a kinky addiction to having your testicles abused. We have decided that we will be closing two hours early the last Friday of each month for the ostensible reason of staff training. We will make up the time by working an extra ten minutes per day. On the Monday before the Friday one of us will come into your office and attach a devise to your penis which will stop you from having an erection. It is fairly small and will not interfere with any body functions, other than erection and masturbation. It will be installed on the Monday with a seal. If the seal is broken there will be no session on the Friday. We understand that by denying you a climax for a week, you will have a nice stiff erection as soon as you are released from the device. We decided that it would be amusing for the session to start with you having a nice big hard-on.
Your participation must be of your own free will. We will lock up and gather in the staff training room. The tables will be made up into a box and we will be seated at the tables. At precisely 3:00 PM you will leave your office and come to the training room. You will enter the box and strip naked before us. One of us will inspect the seal on the devise on your penis and as long as it has not been tampered with, she will release your penis and the session will begin. There will be two of us administering your training for each session and we will rotate who the two will be. We will usually use a table or stock to hold you in place and the session will consist of teasing and denial and abuse to your balls - squeezing, slapping, punching, kicking and whatever else we can think up. At 5:00 PM the session will end and you will have a throbbing hard-on and severely aching balls. We will make sure there is no permanent damage. The two who administered your training will see to it that you are helped home.
Other than a brief monthly meeting held by all the staff there will be no mention made of the training - no jokes, comments, slaps at your balls, etc. Other than the session and the few moments on the prior Monday to install the denial device it will be strictly business as usual.
These are the conditions - there is no negotiation. If you do not want to accept these conditions, do nothing. If you want to accept these conditions, right now take off your pants and undershorts, signal for your secretary to come into your office and stand in the center of your office with your legs spread and hands on top of your head. This will signify your acceptance of the conditions. Susan, your secretary will come into your office and see your acceptance. She will signify our recognition of your acceptance by kicking you sharply in the balls.
The letter ended with "Your loving staff" It was signed by all the girls.
Ted was shocked but deeply affected by the letter. He had the bigest erection he had ever had. There was no consideration. He stood up and took off his pants and undershorts and signalled for Susan. A few minutes later Susan walked into the office, smiled at Ted and kicked him in the balls. Ted collapsed to the floor.

The next day one of the girls came into Ted's office as he sat at his desk. She mounted a monthly caledar on the wall directly opposite his desk and with a red marker she circled the Monday prior to the last Friday in the month and also circled the last Friday. She smiled at Ted as she walked out of his office.