Friday, January 19, 2007

The Visitor - Part 2

In Part 1 Rika, a young woman from Japan came and visited Marie and I when we lived in France. We drove up to Paris to visit the Disney park and all the way there Rika had me by the balls. In a long line up she slipped her hand up my shorts and squeezed my nuts. On a roller coaster ride in the dark she slipped her hand down the front of my shorts and crushed my nuts. On our ride back home I was in such bad shape that my wife drove. In the back Rika got my shorts off and was giving me an ultra slow hand job. She stopped and I started to jerk off. Hearing me moaning my wife pulled over, turned on the interior lights and caught me jerking off with no pants. My wife called me a pervert and punched me in the nuts. Rika also called me a pervert and punched my balls. Then on the remaining ride home she punched me twice more. I passed out.
When I came to Marie was helping me stand and Rika led me into our house by pulling on my balls. They laid me down on the couch in the family room. I curled up, clutching my nuts and moaning in agony. Marie and Rika sat down and discussed my behavior. Rika spoke as if she was very suprised and upset by my behavior and said she was shocked to see me masturbating in the van. Marie said that my behavior had to change and I was to be severly punished. They tied my hands behind my back, tied my ankles, put a blanket over me and we all went to sleep, Marie and Rika in their bedrooms and me on the family room couch.
In the morning Marie said she had to go in to the office but would be back home early in the afternoon. They untied me. Marie asked Rika to keep an eye on me and to make sure I didn't masturbate.
The couch I was on had 4 seat cushions. Rika took a center one out and spread the remaining three evenly. She then sat between two of the cushions and I was laying above her. She threw off my blanket and with the remote turned on the TV. My groin was convenient to her right hand. For the next few hours she watched TV and lightly massaged my balls. I had a quivering stiff erection which she occasionally played with. I repeatedly pleaded with Rika to let me jerk off. She would say OK but as soon as I was getting close to a climax she would say that was enough. After having been punched by her in the balls I did exactly what she said.
In the afternoon we heard Marie's car pull in. Rika got up and went outside to meet Marie. I immediately grabbed my erection and started to stroke myself. Rika ran up to Marie and asked her to get into the house right away. They both ran into the family room as I was about to climax. Marie ran over to me and grabbed a testicle in each hand and with a scream of indignation, squeezed. Unbearable pain shot through me and I screamed in agony. Rika seized my still stiff erection and screamed for the sheer hell of it and bent it in half.
Eventually both women let go. I was curled up on the floor, barely concious.
I had taken my vacation time and I still had a full week. Marie went to work each day and left me in Rika's care. Marie dictated that I didn't wear anything from the waist down. During the day I did the housework and served on Rika. After the terrible beating my balls had taken I vowed not to touch myself. For that full week I had a constant erection. Marie and Rika complimented me on not masturbating and the next week I was allowed to go to work. The first thing I did at work was to lock my office door and jerk off. I am afraid I must have been groaning and moaning as I jerked off. When I opened my office door my secretary looked at me with a smirk on her face.