Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pain Relief - Chapter 1

Sue stood up to make her presentation. She didn't look like a mid level executive of a major drug company. She looked more like a college student with her short skirt, sneakers and blouse. Sue had a bubbly perky personality which hid a sharp mind, ambition and a strong need for dominance. The company's sales had been flat for the last two years and they needed a new product. Sue, who had a doctorate in human biology, felt she had come up with it and asked for a chance to make a presentation to the executive committee.

Sue started "Pain relief is our main revenue generator. Like our competitors we sell headache tablets, arthritis relief, pills to alleviate muscle aches and pain, sinus relief, even for aching feet. But there is one major pain for which there is no relief on the market." She had the committee hooked. They were hanging on every word. "There is no pain relief for a kick in the nuts. Now don't laugh. Sure, men get hit in the testicles while playing sports but there has been a big increase due to women being more aggressive. Ask Fred (the CFO) about it. " The committee chuckled and Fred looked very uncomfortable. "As everyone in the company knows, Fred made a very unpleasant and derogatory and sexist comment to which I took exception. I reacted in a normal feminine way and grabbed Fred by his nuts and gave them a good long squeeze. It is fair to say that Fred would have paid anything for pain relief for his nuts. Isn't that right Fred" Fred sat there with a red face and nodded. "Even now I bet they ache a bit. This is a major market. While most of the population, mainly women, find nut pain relief funny most men indicated in our survey that they would buy some to keep in their bathroom cabinet. We even found that women would buy some. Women enjoy the release and power of hitting a man in the groin but they worry about the long term agony they are inflicting. They like the though of one strike to put the man down on the ground, curled up clutching his nuts and groaning and then being able to offer a pill to relieve the pain. Look at TV, the movies, music videos, all show women hitting men in the nuts. It is becoming socially acceptable for a woman to wack a guy in the nuts whenever he steps out of line."

Sue then distributed some sales numbers and a plan to develop an effective medicine. She even had a marketing plan and advertising themes. Her time line showed two years to bring the pills to market and a budget. The committee then had a lengthy discussion. There was no laughter about guys getting wacked in the nuts. This was serious - about big money. The committee than had a vote and it was unanimous, they would go ahead with Sue in charge. The only change was her budget, they said they didn't want her to be underfunded so the budget was increased.

Sue was elated. She went back and met with her implementation team, three young women with relevant doctorates who reported to Sue and were firmly behind the project. They had already developed an implementation plan . The first step was to gain a full understanding of the pain generators. Before they could develop pain relief they needed to know what caused the most pain and how intense it was and how long it lasted. There had been minimal research in the field. They realized they needed some male volunteers so they could subject their testicles to various types of torture. This was a problem. They agreed to cheat a bit. They spread a rumour within the company and at the local university that they were doing a study on male ejaculation and they needed some volunteers that the four women could masturbate to study how they climaxed. They were inundated with volunteers. The team wanted healthy young men with large working genitals. A couple of the studies were to record pain levels when a man was ejaculating and at the same time was struck in the nuts. The volunteers had to be able to ejaculate.

After reviewing the volunteers applications they picked four students from the university and four from within the company. They had them come in, sign a legal release and gave them a brief interview. All eight were looking for some free jerk-offs. They were arrogant and condescending towards the women. The team decided to have some fun. Individually they told them to strip naked and inferred that the women would masturbate them to a climax. They had the applicants lay down on a table behind which the four team members sat. One after the other they brought them into the interview room and had them strip and lay on the table. All eight had stiff erections. The women took turns holding them by their nuts and telling them to jerk off. The women had expected that the volunteers would be humiliated, instead they were all turned on. Afterwards they told them they were all accepted and would be contacted in due course. They were told that there would only be one session per volunteer and it could last a number of days so they had to be prepared to spend a number of days at the facility. All the volunteers had visions of spending days getting jerked off.

The first volunteer was Bill Jacks from the company. He was a recent management trainee with a condescending and threatening attitude to all females. They agreed he was a real bastard.

The team had commissioned a local carpenter to make a standing stock. It is an olden form of restraint consisting of a heavy wooden frame with holes in which the feet, the hands and head of an offender was locked. The offender was then punished, often by flogging. The women had other ideas. They told Bill to strip and then Diane got a firm grip on his nuts and Sue locked him into the stock. Bill was alarmed. This wasn't what he had expected. He was standing with his ankles locked and his legs spread. He was bent forward with his neck and wrists through holes in the stock and was unable to move. The women set up a video camera and brought a devise on a table up to Bill. It was at crotch height. They placed his scrotum in a depression in the devise and brought down the top. They adjusted it and flipped a switch. The top came down a measured depth and squeezed Bill's nuts. Bill groaned in agony while the team took measurements. They turned a dial and flicked the switch again. The top came down further. Bill was in agony. He screamed to be released and threatened legal action. The women laughed and told him he had signed a release. They turned the dial again and flipped the switch. The top came down further, squeezing his nuts almost flat. Bill screamed in agony, begging to be released. The women took more measurements and then decided to go for lunch. They told an almost incoherent Bill that they would be back later. After lunch they spent the rest of the afternoon squeezing and releasing Bills nuts and recording data. That evening they released him from the stock, tied his wrists and ankles and laid him down and made him as comfortable as possible and secured him till morning. In the morning they left him tied and Anna lightly massaged Bill's nuts. She then attached a mechanical masturbation devise that worked with suction and it slid up and down his erection. This was a devise the team had designed and had built. Anna experimented on Bill and could keep Bill right on the edge of a climax. She finally let him ejaculate and at the same time she squeezed his nuts. For the remained of that day and the next the team tried to alleviate Bill's pain with common remedies with little success. Everything was recorded. For a week they worked on Bill, squeezing his nuts one day and ejaculating him as much as possible the next. The team was quite pleased with the amount of data they accumulated. They were also struck with the change in Bill's attitude. They had abused him almost beyond belief and he had ended up worshipping them. He begged for the mechanical masturbation devise. Sue told him that if he was a good boy at work she would consider making another one for him.

Over the next two months the team experimented on all eight volunteers and gathered a wealth of data. Interestingly enough they came across a compound that had the reverse of what they were looking for. A small dose and the subject experienced excruciating testicle pain that lasted for an hour or two. The women laughed about it and called it a Kick in the Nuts pill. At about the same time Pete Wilson, the marketing VP, started to make trouble for them, talking to other senior managers about the project being a wast of time and draining resources. Sue was asked to attend the next executive committee. From the agenda she saw that Pete Wilson was scheduled. Sue arranged that someone from her staff would serve the coffee. The coffee was served and Pete's coffee received a small pill. Pete drank most of his coffee early in the meeting. He was scheduled for last and Sue started to worry that the pill would not work. Finally Pete got up to talk. He started "I think we should take another look at this project of Sue's. It is taking a lot of money wth little -- Woah!! -- positive results - Ohmygod" Pete doubled over, clutching his nuts. This was what Sue was waiting for. She jumped up "Damm it Pete, this is nothing to joke about! If you don't like the project articulate your concerns, don't just clown around." Most committee members were offended by Pete's actions. They though he was play acting. Pete let out a scream and staggered from the room. Sue said "The project is going as planned. I think Pete's little attempt at humour is out of place. This could well become a multi million dollar product for us with great profits." The committee members nodded in approval as the meeting broke up.

A couple of Sue's staff met Pete as he staggered out of the meeting room. They half carried him to Sue's office and laid him on her couch. He curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning. Sue came in and asked Pete what was wrong. He wailed "my balls, oh my balls". Sue said that she had made some progress in the testicle pain relief project and would he like some pain relief. He nodded. Sue called over to her project team and the three women came over and helped Sue get Pete over to their facility. They locked him into the standing stock just as the effect of the pill was wearing off. They took off his pants and rolled over the testicle compression machine. Sue put Pete's scrotum into the depression. She set the dial to maximum and flipped the switch. Thw women watched Pete scream and plead to be set free. She then phoned the office and said that Pete was under the weather and probably would be away for the balance of the week. Over the next few days they alternated nut compression and the vacuum masturbation machine. Within a few hours Pete was hooked on the masturbation machine. The women left it on Pete's almost always erection for most of the time, set on low. They took a video of Pete naked with an erection begging for the vacuum masturbation machine. The video then showed it in place and a dreamlike look on Pete's face. Towards the end of the week he had become obediant so they released him from all restraints and videod him standing naked, jerking off. They then dressed him and sent him home. Pete became a staunch defender of the project.