Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bike Ride

Ed was out for a bike ride. He felt it was an excellent way to get some exercise and fresh air. His bike was nothing fancy, a full sized used three speed bike with a small carrier. The prior owner was probably a teenager. The back wheel was bigger than the front and there were streamers at the turned down handlebars. It was definitely a large kid's bike but the price was right and it was comfortable. Ed was not a racer, just out for some exercise. He wore some scuffed sneakers, a pair of shorts, a tee shirt and a ball cap. With his longish hair and the bike he looked a lot younger than his age.

It was a Saturday summer morning and Ed was a couple of miles from home and he circled the office building where he worked turning to return home. All morning he had been thinking about a girl in the office. She was really built and Ed had a throbbing hard-on. The office parking lot was empty and there was a small building beside the office building with a small narrow walk between them. The only way to see into the walk was to stand right in front of it. Ed wished he had a key to get into the office. But this would work - no-one would see him there. Ed leaned his bike against the office building, slipped into the walkway, dropped his shorts and started to jerk off. He closed his eyes, leaned against the wall and got into it. Suddenly he heard a car pull up and a couple of women talking. One said "There must be a kid around here, there's his bike." Ed heard their footsteps. He pulled his cap down and stared straight ahead at the opposite wall as they walked past the walkway entrance. As soon as they got past they burst out in laughter. "Ohmygod, did you see that? He has it in his hand. Did you see the size of that thing?" They were whispering to each other and giggling. Ed slowed down his stroking. He was extremely excited. He had to stop stroking or he would come. Ed stood there with his hands at his side and his erection sticking up and out. The women walked slowly by in the opposite direction. Again there was a burst of laughter. "Do you recognize him? Lets go up and ask him what he's doing." That suggestion brought forth another burst of laughter. One said "Do you think he can hear us? I don't think so, if he did he'd be riding away by now. Lets go have another look."

Ed was slowly stroking himself with his left hand. He could just make out the women from the corner of his eye. They were standing at the walkway entrance, watching him. He didn't realize it but one of them had a cel phone and was taking his picture. As they began walking towards him one of them called "Hey kid, what are you doing? I asked you a question - what are you doing? You'd better answer or I'll have to kick you in the nuts." Ed turned to face them and blurted out the first thing that came into his mind "I'm picking berries". Both women erupted in laughter "Yeah right! With your pants down and playing with your hard-on your picking berries." By this time they were right up to him. "Hey, your not a kid, I recognize you. You're a recent hire, a management trainee. What the hell is wrong with you, hiding out and jerking off?"

With his pants down his nuts made an inviting target, One of the women reached out and grabbed his nuts and squeezed. Ed wailed in agony. She said "OK, Lets try this again. What are you doing?" Ed sobbed "Jerking off, I'm jerking off. Oh my nuts, my aching nuts. It hurts." She said "I'm Ms Baker the Marketing Vice President. I want to see you in my office at 11:00AM Monday morning. You need to be disciplined" She then cupped his nuts in her hand and spanked them with the flat of her other hand. Ed had never before felt such agony and helplessness. All he could do was stand there and absorb the pain. Eventually she laughed and let him go.

Ed spent the rest of the weekend nursing his nuts and worrying about his meeting with Ms Baker. He convinced himself that it was dark in the walkway and he had his cap on. He decided the best thing was to ignore the meeting and when she came for him say it wasn't him. Anyway, how could she prove it." There were two women but the second had been back a bit. Ed felt he could bluff it out. And there was no way on earth he wanted to have his nuts spanked again. He got in to work Monday and fired up his computer. There was a message from Ms Baker. There was no text, just a photo of him, standing in the walkway with his pants down and a stiff erection. He was in profile and it was him alright. In any other circumstances he would have been proud of the photo, his erection looked pretty good - big, stiff and sticking up and out. He realized she had him good. There was no getting out of the 11:00 o'clock meeting.

At 11:00 he went to her office. He got a shock, her secretary was the other woman from Saturday morning. She told him to stand in the corner. He looked at her and she repeated it. "Stand in the corner". Eventually she told him to come with her in to see Ms Baker. Ms Baker looked at him and said "The same as last time, drop those pants and lets see you jerk off." This was not what he had been expecting. He had been in dread of another ball spanking. He was so relieved he thanked Ms Baker for not spanking his balls.

Ms Baker laughed and said "Patience, we'll get to that. Trudy, show Ed the paddle you bought from home. Ed, Trudy is quite a good table tennis player. She has a very strong forehand and she suggested she spank your balls with a table tennis paddle. Don't you think that is an excellent idea? I'll be busy with these reports while Trudy gives you a first rate nut spanking. Lie down over there on the conference table while Trudy ties you down. We'd hate to see you hurt yourself falling off the table."

Ed was paralyzed with fear. Ms Baker smiled kindly at Ed and said he didn't have to accept the spanking. He had a choice, Trudy could send the photo of him to all his co-workers, neighbours, friends, relatives and the police (who would undoubtedly charge him with indecent exposure) or he could accept nut spankings which would help him with his obvious masturbation compulsion. Ed very reluctantly laid down on the table and Trudy tied him down with his legs nicely spread. Ms Baker said that Trudy would be in charge. Trudy held his nuts cupped in her hand and said "I can't decide on twice daily nut spankings or one vigorous spanking daily. I think I'll try both and we'll see which one helps you the most. Remember, this is for your benefit." She started to paddle his nuts. Ed felt like his insides were being ripped out. The pain wasn't just in his groin. It spread through his whole body. Ed felt like he had lost touch with reality. He was floating in pain and above him was Trudy smiling down with a kind look on her face telling him that the nut spanking was for his own good as she continued to paddle his nuts. Finally she stopped hitting his balls but the pain continued.

Ms Baker said she had a lunch meeting and had to leave. She said she had spoken to Ed's supervisor and told her that she needed Ed for the remainder of the day. She gave Ed a friendly pat on his nuts as she left the office and said that he should do whatever Trudy says. Trudy had paddled Ed's nuts for the past hour and he was naked and tied down, There was little chance of Ed talking back to Trudy. Ed would do whatever Trudy said. He told her so and she just smiled and said "I know. After a week of paddling your nuts you will be my slave. I studied this in psychology and it is rewarding to see it happen in practise. It gives me an almost unbelievably wonderful feeling of omnipotence. I'm going to paddle your nuts for another fifteen minutes." Ed accepted the pain and worshipped Trudy.

Others may consider Trudy as being plain. Her brown hair was pulled back in a bun, she wore thick horn rimmed glasses, conservative clothes and sensible shoes. To Ed she was an angel. Beautiful, warm and compassionate. Trudy physically and psychologically had Ed by the nuts and she was going to keep him.. She owned his nuts and she owned him. She was happy owning Ed and he was happy being owned by Trudy. Well into their old age Trudy paddled Ed's nuts daily.