Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mary Worth - The Early Years

Readers met Mary Worth in Picture Frames and Mary Worth. Picture Frames tells about Ms Worth getting some prints framed when she moved into her first office. Mary Worth tells about her demolition of her competitor for a Vice President position. This tells about her early years.

During high school and university Mary was constantly bullied by Rusty Carter. He was a couple of years older and twice her size. He was the leader of a gang of local toughs and he used to push people around. Mary had some money from a part time job so she enrolled in an after school self defence class. The instructor told Mary that as a teen she had been bullied herself so she understood how Mary felt. Over a few months she taught Mary how to defend herself. She also told Mary that with a bully the best thing is a fierce offence and if she ever got into a fight she should fight to win. She told Mary there was no such thing as ladylike fighting. Fight to win, no matter what it took. Totally beat and dominate your opponent.

Mary was walking home from university, wearing a short plaid skirt, white sneakers and socks and a tan blouse. Rusty came up behind her and pushed her. At barely a hundred pounds, Mary went flying. She got up, collected her books she had been carrying and put them in a pile. She walked up to a laughing bully and with a straight right punched Rusty in the face as hard as she could. She caught him right on the nose. He staggered back in surprise and pain. His eyes watered and his nose started to bleed. Mary stood still, watching Rusty. She called him a cry baby. His buddies were looking at him in amazement. Suddenly, in a rage, Rusty ran straight at Mary. He was going to rip her apart. Mary skipped to one side, stuck out her foot and tripped Rusty. Now it was his turn to go flying. Remembering what her teacher had told her, Mary stepped up to Rusty as he was getting to his feet and kicked him in the stomach. She then kicked him in the side of the head. He was flat on the ground. Mary turned around and collected her books. Rusty was sitting on the ground, shaking his head. He saw Mary with her back to him, bending over to pick up her books.

In her short skirt and bending over, her white panties were exposed to Rusty. He realized what a gorgeous backside she had. Nobody that cute could beat him. He was going to teach her. He got to his feet and ran at her and got her in a bear hug. He lifted her off the ground and squeezed the air out of her. Mary's right arm was pinned within the hug but her left arm was free. She reached behind her and down and felt till she found Rusty's crotch. A bit more feeling and she had him by the balls. Mary was weak from the lack of air but she squeezed Rusty's balls as tight as she could. It was amazing, one minute he had her in a bear hug, the next moment he was curled up on the ground, wailing in agony with Mary squeezing his nuts. Mary realized she had made a mistake a few minutes ago, she had Rusty beat but she left him and turned her back. This time she would really finish him off. Mary squeezed Rusty's nuts till he passed out. She then pulled off his pants and undershorts and left him on the path. His buddies looked at half naked Rusty and most walked away. Two helped him up and carried him home.

It took Rusty a few days to recover. He had lost face. He could see people laughing at him - beaten by a girl. Whenever he thought about it, which was all the time, he got angry. She only won because she was sneaky and took him by surprise. Next time no more Mr Nice Guy. He would beat her into the ground. See how she would like it to be left on the path with her skirt and panties gone. She had left him with no pants and undershorts. Next time it would be her turn to be humiliated. He bided his time and all the while his rage grew. He wanted to catch her alone on the path with all the students coming along later to see her humiliation. To make sure she didn't try anything sneaky he would have his two friends along. Finally his chance came. Mary was coming home early. He had his two buddies stay on the path while he quickly circled around behind her. He had her trapped. When Mary saw Stu and Ernie ahead of her on the path, she recognized them as Rusty's buddies. If possible she wanted to avoid a confrontation so she stopped and turned around and there was Rusty down the path behind her. Since her fight with Rusty she had stopped carrying loose books - she put her books in a satchel so they wouldn't go flying if there was ever a next time. She walked quickly up to the two boys, said hi and swung her satchel around a few times as she walked up and swung her loaded satchel up between Stu's legs. There was a loud thud! Stu snapped his legs together and clamped his hands over his balls - too late for any protection. He had a stunned, surprised look on his face. He let out a strangled croak and fell face forward on the path. The moment Mary's satchel connected with Stu's balls Mary dropped the satchel, spun around with a roundhouse kick and caught Ernie on his chin. She then followed up with a brutal uppercut between his legs and her fist smashed into his nuts. Ernie started to wail in agony. Like Stu, he brought his legs together and clamped his hands over his nuts, he sank to his knees and bent over with his forehead on the ground. The total demolition of Rusty's two henchmen took all of four seconds. Rusty turned around to run but there was a group of female students coming down the path. Mary called to them to stop the bully from running away. At some time or other they had all been victimized by Rusty. Like Mary they had had enough from this bully. They rushed and swarmed him. They lifted him up and took him off the path into some nearby woods. They stripped him naked and hung him by his wrists from a tree branch, hanging with his feet off the ground. Mary just stood back and watched. One of them grabbed a thick stick and wacked Rusty's nuts. He let out a howl and the girls all laughed. They passed the stick from one to another and they all took turns wacking his nuts. They called him a lousy bastard, a coward, a bully as they continued to smack his nuts. Rusty was howling in pain. One of the girls had a satchel similar to Mary's. She emptied it and tied the strap around Rusty's scrotum above his nuts. The girls began to slowly add books to the satchel, pulling it downward, pulling on Rusty's nuts. They found this more amusing than smacking his nuts with the stick. The downward pull on his nuts was constant and so was the pain. When it looked like he was about to pass out they stopped adding books. They sat on the ground in a circle watching Rusty dangling from the branch with a heavy satchel of books dangling from his nuts. It was a ridiculous sight and everyone found it highly amusing. By now many of the students had left the university, had heard the noise and joined the audience. The girls rounded up Stu and Ernie and carried then to a nearby tree, stripped them and strung them up by their wrists. They collected a couple more satchels, loaded them with heavy books and hung the satchels from their nuts. No girl was ever picked on in that university again.

Mary worked hard at school and university and graduated with a Business degree near the top of her class. She was recruited by a major company that needed to hire a certain number of females so they wouldn't be called discriminatory. She was hired as a Management Trainee, class B. She noticed all the male graduates, many who were behind her in their class grades, were class A.

She was assigned to work on a project with Brad, a Management Trainee class A, and he was the project leader and it was made clear to her that she was to be his assistant. There were a number of teams and the winning team would get promoted. The team leader to a management position and the assistant to a management assistant. Mary worked very hard with long hours and crafted a great presentation with Powerpoint, slides and a hand out. Brad was pleased with Mary. She did all the work and at the presentation she would flip the pages and distribute the hand outs. Brad had to look good and deliver the presentation and his promotion to the management level was in the bag.

The presentations were before senior management. On the presentation day Brad and Mary waited in Brad's office to be called. Finally it was their turn. Their presentation material was already in the conference room. They walked to the conference room door, Mary turned to Brad, smiled and wished him luck and kneed him in the nuts. He doubled over in agony and Mary kneed him again. She opened the door and helped him into a seat. She told the executives that Brad was not feeling good, he had a bit of a hangover. Their concern turned to distaste on hearing he had a hangover. Brad sat in his chair, doubled over and groaning. The company president said "I guess this presentation is over before it begins". Mary said that she would like to do the presentation. When asked if she knew enough about it to present it Mary said that she had prepared the presentation. She went up front and delivered an excellent presentation. Afterwards the executive committee asked her questions which she handled very well. They were impressed. All the while Brad sat in his chair, clutching his nuts and moaning. After the presentation Mary helped Brad back to his office. Mary kneed Brad again twice in the nuts. He passed out from the pain. The executive committee conferred and decided on a winner. It was Mary. They sent an assistant to ask Mary and Brad to come to the conference room. When Mary walked in they asked where Brad was. She said he was indisposed and possibly had eaten something that disagreed with him. The assistant said it looked like Brad was sleeping off too much to drink. Brad had come too and realized that Mary was stealing his promotion. He got up and staggered to the conference room, doubled over, moaning and clutching his nuts. He opened the door, stepped in and looked like he was about to fall flat on his face. Mary was concerned that Brad would say that Mary had repeatedly kneed him in the nuts. She rushed to Brad's side and held him up with her left hand across his chest. Her right arm was behind Brad's back and not seen by the committee. She reached down with her right hand, grabbed Brad's nuts and gave them a vicious pull backwards and up and squeezed them. Brad had an anguished look on his face as he fell face forward onto the carpet. The president looked at him with scorn and said the company didn't put up with drunks and he was fired. Mary came to his defence and said that if he was put to work for her she would turn him around and make him an asset to the company. The president said "Damn! You are a fine young woman. Loyal to this layabout. That was a fine presentation you put on and we have selected you to the management level. If you want him you can have this drunk as your assistant, as long as you keep him sober." Mary smiled and said she would keep Brad in line.