Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ed Gillis was in a blissful state. He was laying on his bed with no pants on, slowly jerking off. He had propped a magazine on the table beside the bed, he had his head turned, looking at a woman squeezing some poor guy's nuts. Ever since Gloria, their housekeeper had caught him jerking off into one of her underpants, having his nuts squeezed was all he could think about.

Gloria went to the same college as Ed. She supported herself and paid her tuition by being a housekeeper for Ed's family. Gloria had been their housekeeper for a couple of years and she was a few years older than Ed. Gloria was quiet and serious, she wore her hair in a bun and had thick horn rimmed glasses. She seemed to hide it but she had a glorious body. Ed used to dream of Gloria as he jerked off. About 6 months ago Ed had cut a class at the local college and was home. He thought he was alone in the house so he sneaked into her room and found a pair of her underpants. Gloria walked into her room and found Ed with his pants down and Gloria's underpants wrapped around his erection which he was stroking. He was laying on her bed with his eyes closed, imagining he was slipping his dick into Gloria. He didn't hear Gloria enter her room. Most people considered Gloria very conservative, if they considered her at all. Actually she was very open minded. She wasn't shocked by Ed masturbating on her bed, actually she found it rather amusing.

Gloria slipped quietly into her room, reached over the bed, wrapped her fingers around Ed's balls and gave them a light squeeze. Ed's eyes flew open and looked at Gloria in shock. She told Ed he was a bad boy and she was going to punish him. She sat on the edge of the bed and squeezed Ed's nuts for about fifteen minutes. It could have been less but it seemed like an eternity of pain to Ed. She then told him to get out of her room and he could keep her panties.

Ever chance Ed got he jerked off into Gloria's panties. She was all he could think about. A couple of weeks later he was in his bedroom , laying on his bed with no pants on and was jerking off into a pair of Gloria's panties. He must have forgotten to lock the door because the door opened and his mother started to come in. She stopped in shock, slowly retreated and closed the door. Mrs Gillis was appalled that her son could do such a thing. Also, she had a daughter and she definitely didn't want his sister and any of her friends to be exposed to such depravity. His mom had been divorced for many years and she didn't want to discuss such a thing with Ed's father. She surely couldn't bring it up at her gardening or church group. Finally she though of Gloria. She asked Gloria if she had noticed anything unusual in Ed's behavior. Gloria said "No, nothing unusual. I have noticed him masturbating which is normal for a young man of his age." She laughed "He seems to have a fascination with my panties which is also not unusual. I caught him in my room with his pants down and a pair of my panties wrapped around his erection and he was masturbating." Mrs Gillis was shocked that Gloria could talk so casually about such sick behavior. She asked Gloria what she had done when she had found Ed in her bedroom. Gloria replied that she had squeezed Ed's testicles and as far as she could tell he had not sneaked into her room since. Mrs Gillis then said "Well, does that mean that we can modify Ed's behavior by punishing him?" Gloria said that that would definitely work and the best thing would be to keep an eye on Ed and whenever he started to masturbate they should squeeze his nuts.

Both Mrs Gillis and Gloria kept a close eye on Ed and whenever he went into his room they checked to see if he had left his door unlocked. The trouble was that Ed spent little time in the house and they were unable to catch him in the act. Then Mrs Gillis and Gloria asked Trudy, Ed's sister, if she knew where Ed went. Trudy laughed and said he wasn't far away. He was usually in the shed behind the garage, laying on the floor jerking off. Trudy said that she and her friends think it is funny and they spy on him. Then Gloria, Mrs Gillis and Trudy talked about Ed and his compulsion. They concluded that the three of them were to watch Ed, especially if he went to the shed. If they saw him jerking off they would round up the other two and the three of them would confront and punish Ed. Mrs Gillis was convinced that sufficient strict punishment would cause Ed to change his behavior. Neither Gloria or Trudy believed Ed's jerking off was as serious as Mrs Gillis made it out to be , but she was Gloria's employer and Trudy's mother so they both went along with her.

Trudy said "Well, we can start right now, a few minutes ago he was at it in the shed and I'll bet he is still there" The three of them went out back to the shed. As they approached Trudy whispered to two of her fiends if Ed was still at it. They were spying through a crack in the wall and nodded and were giggling. Then they turned and saw Mrs Gillis and Gloria so they tried to act serious. Mrs Gillis was violently angry that Ed's behavior had sunk so low. She strode into the shed, shouted "Ed!" and grabbed his nuts, squeezed and tried to lift him clear off the ground. Ed let out a shriek and tried to struggle free but his mom had him firmly by his nuts. Gloria, Trudy and her two friends knew it was a serious matter but Ed looked so ridiculous, howling and struggling that they all bust out laughing. Even Mrs Gillis could see the humour in it and she started to laugh also. The only one not enjoying the humour was Ed. Trudy asked if she could have a turn squeezing her brother's nuts and Mrs Gillis handed them over to Trudy. Trudy rolled them around in the palm of her hand, then held them with her finger tips. She started to squeeze them with her finger tips, staring intently at Ed, trying to gage the pain she was inflicting by the pressure of her finger tips. Trudy played with Ed's nuts for a few minutes and then handed them on to her two friends who took turns with his nuts. The it was Gloria's turn. By now Ed was flat on his back with his legs spread. Ed was no longer shrieking, he was quietly groaning in pain and was half conscious. Gloria got comfortable between his legs, held a nut in each hand and did some serious nut massaging. Trudy and her two girlfriends were trying not to laugh out loud. Eventually they helped Ed up and took him to his room.

After settling Ed in bed the five women sat down in the living room and discussed Ed. Mrs Gillis felt they had made some progress with Ed but constant vigilance was required. Trudy and her two friends said they would do whatever they could to help. They said they felt truly gratified to squeeze Ed's nuts for a good cause. The women decided that from now on Ed was to be naked from the waist down whenever he was in the house. This would give them a good chance to monitor Ed and see if he was having bad thought shown by an erection. Whenever they saw Ed with an erection they should call for help and then squeeze Ed's nuts.

Trudy and her two friends started wearing tight tee shirts with no bras and exceedingly short skirts, sometimes with no under panties. They wanted to see if Ed could control himself. Invariably he ended up with an erection and then would have his nuts squeezed. Since they wouldn't let him masturbate he almost always had an erection so the women just took turns squeezing his nuts. Slowly word spread about Ed walking around in his house with no pants and a large erection. Quite a few of Trudy's girlfriends and even casual accaintances would come by offering to help Ed get a grip on his problem. The Gillis house became a gathering point for women in the neighborhood, women who wanted to help another human being overcome a bad habit.