Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aversion Therapy - #6

It is best to read the earlier postings on Aversion Therapy in chronological order.

Mrs Payne had a toothache. A real humdinger of a toothache. She called her dentist and asked if he could see her right away. His assistant said he was very busy but she would bump the last patient of the day who only had a regular check up appointment and squeeze her in. By five o'clock Mrs Payne was sitting in the dentist chair. She had chipped a tooth and he said he could fill it. He and his dental assistant went to work.

Mrs Payne had not planned on visiting the dentist. She had a scoop necked dress on which was quite modest from viewed straight on but looking down it bowed out. Mrs Payne wore a low cut bra and the dentist had a perfect view of her breasts. He was sitting close to her and slightly higher. She glanced to the side and couldn't help but notice he had quite an erection. Well, she thought, as long as he concentrated on her chipped tooth she could put up with an erection a few inches from her face. Dr Taft said he had finished the filling and suddenly he stood up and left the room saying he would be back shortly. Mrs Payne was surprised and asked the assistant where the dentist had gone and did she think he would be back soon. Carla said he had gone to his office and would be back in about five minutes. Mrs Payne asked if she knew what he was doing. Carla just rolled her eyes.

Mrs Payne could see that Carla was upset and after a few questions Carla said "I really used to like working here and I greatly respected Dr Taft but I got very suspicious about his behavior. Often when working on women, he would go and lock himself in his office. When I asked him about it he said he was checking some reference material. I felt a bit guilty about spying on Dr Taft but hoping to put my suspicions to rest I purchased a small monitoring camera and put it in his office. It is hidden in a pencil sharpener beside his desk and has a transmitter and I can view his office from my computer. Rather than allaying my suspicions, it confirmed them. He has finished the filling and all you need to do is rinse so if you want I can show you what he is doing. He will be at it for another couple of minutes"

Carla and Mrs Payne went into the reception area and Carla called up the program she had installed which came with the camera. There was Dr Taft, laying on the floor with his pants around his ankles jerking off. Carla said she couldn't work there any longer and would have to quit. Mrs Payne asked Carla if Dr Taft could be broken of his masturbation compulsion would she then like to continue working there and Carla said yes. Mrs Payne then told Carla about aversion therapy and how successful it has been. the basic theory is to apply a strong unpleasant experience at the same time as the negative behavior. In their case, the man receiving therapy is laying down masturbating while the therapist squeezes his testicles. She said that in her various companies she and her aversion therapists are helping six men. All six say the therapy is very helpful and most have asked for the therapy to be doubled to two sessions per day. She said that male masturbation compulsion had become quite prevalent and rather than just quitting she should try and help Dr Taft.

Carla looked at the monitor and said he was about to come. Mrs Payne asked Carla if he had a key to the office. Carla gave it to her and Mrs Payne went over and unlocked the door. She stepped over to Dr Taft, bent over, grabbed his balls and gave them a yank and squeeze. Dr Taft's look of utter surprise changed to one of utter agony. He wailed and begged Mrs Payne to let go of his balls. Mrs Payne told him she couldn't do that and that what she was doing was for his own good. She told him to continue to masturbate but she would rip his nuts off if he climaxed. Mrs Payne then told Carla to get a cushion from the reception room sofa and bring it in. She told Carla to position it between Dr Taft's legs, sit on it and get comfortable and then start applying the aversion therapy. Carla said she could never do that. Mrs Payne told her that she had a moral duty to help her fellow human being and Dr Taft needed help. Carla got comfortable and began squeezing the doctors nuts. Dr Taft maintained a stiff hard-on which he was very slowly stroking. He was groaning in a combination of desire and agony. Carla began telling him that the therapy was for his own good and she was helping him overcome his compulsion.

Carla provided therapy to the doctor for an hour. Then she and Mrs Payne helped him up, pulled up his pants and helped him out to his car. Mrs Payne told the doctor that Carla was going to eliminate the last appointment of the day from now on and use it for aversion therapy until he was cured. After he left Carla locked up the office and told Mrs Payne that providing the therapy was the most enjoyable time she had ever had at work. She said she didn't realize what a great feeling it was to really help someone in a major way. She said she was really looking forward to tomorrow.

Six months later Mrs Payne came in and while she was in the dentist chair she asked Carla and the doctor how the therapy was coming. Dr Taft said it was really helping him control his compulsion and both he and Carla had decided to increase the therapy to two sessions a day, pushing the first appointment back an hour for more therapy. Carla smiled and said she just loved her job and helping the doctor. Mrs Payne said that since her appointment was the last of the day she would stay and help Carla. A few minutes later as Mrs Paynes fingers wrapped around the doctors' nuts both she and Carla smiled at his scream and erection, knowing that they were helping him.