Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aversion Therapy - #7

It is best to read the earlier Aversion Therapy chapters first.

Mrs Payne had recently purchased an expensive German car. The car was great, the local dealer's service wasn't. After a couple of trips to the dealer she still had an annoying hesitation on acceleration. She heard about a young local mechanic with a one man shop who specialized in German cars. She thought it was worth a try. She phoned and arranged an appointment.

The next morning she drove over to drop off her car. Mrs Payne had found that at a mechanic shop nothing worked better for good service than a low cut dress and a push up bra. Fritz sat down with Mrs Payne as she explained the problem with her car. He couldn't take his eyes away from her boobs. Mrs Payne leaned forward to provide Fritz with a great view. He was spellbound and Mrs Payne was enjoying the effect she was having on the young man. She wanted to devastate him by letting him see her nipples and she leaned still further forward. She was leaning so far forward that she slipped from the chair. By reflex Fritz reached out and caught Mrs Payne and the both fell to the floor tangled in each other. When she fell her hands had reached out to break her fall. She felt something in her right hand and realized it was Fritz's erection. They were both a little stunned by the fall and he asked Mrs Payne if she was OK. She said she thought she was OK but maybe they should just take a moment to check themselves before trying to stand up. Mrs Payne had Fritz by his erection and she didn't want to let go. She shook his hard-on and asked him what was it he just slipped into her hand. Then, her voice raising in indignation, she shouted that it was an erection, he had put his hard-on into her hand. Still holding him by his erection she asked him to explain himself. Fritz didn 't know what to say. He started off by denying he had an erection. Mrs Payne shook it back and forth and asked him what that was. When he said it was nothing, Mrs Payne reached over with her other hand, unzipped him, pulled out his hard-on and waving it back and forth asked him what that was if not an erection. She turned the waving motion into a stroking motion with one hand and with her other hand she cupped his nuts and started to squeeze them.
Mrs Payne got as comfortable as she could on the concrete floor and told Fritz he had to learn a few things about customer service. For the next half hour she slowly stroked his erection and massaged his nuts. Just when she though he was about to come she pulled him to his feet by his nuts, told him to get a grip on himself and service her car and she would be back at the end of the day to pick it up. She left him standing in his shop with a stunned look on his face and his hard-on sticking out of his pants.
Mrs Payne waited outside his shop for a few moments and then quietly slipped back in. She found Fritz down the back, in his office, standing with his pants down around his ankles, vigorously jerking off. Mrs Payne felt a great surge of satisfaction and a desire to help - here was someone with an uncontrollable compulsion who need aversion therapy. She silently moved behind him, reached up between his legs, grabbed his nuts and gave them a vicious squeeze. With Fritz bent over and moaning in pain, Mrs Payne phoned one of her companies and asked Ms Wilson, the manager there to send someone over to deliver some aversion therapy. Knowing how highly Mrs Payne thought of aversion therapy, Ms Wilson said she would be happy to come over herself and lend a hand.
Within half an hour Ms Wilson had Fritz firmly in hand, actually in two hands with a nut in each. She instructed Fritz to slowly masturbate without coming. Ms Wilson was experienced in delivering aversion therapy and provided expert therapy to Fritz for an hour while Mrs Payne contentedly looked on. Ms Wilson had Fritz wailing in agony and nothing pleased Mrs Payne more than seeing someone being helped by aversion therapy.
After the therapy the women helped Fritz back into his pants. Fritz still had an erection but was bent over, clutching his nuts and moaning, a sure sign of a helpful therapy session. Mrs Payne told him to rest for a while after his therapy and then work on her car. She asked Fritz if he thought the therapy was helpful. He just looked confused. She asked him if he wanted the therapy again. He nodded and added "Please".
At the end of the day Mrs Payne came back to the shop. Fritz had her car ready and said it was no charge. He begged Mrs Payne for another aversion therapy session but she just smiled and said that Ms Wilson would be by to see him tomorrow for some therapy.
Mrs Payne drove away thinking how great it was now that she had a dentist and a mechanic on call. She began thinking how helpful it would be if she could just find a compulsive masturbating lawyer, accountant, plumber and electrician. She knew they were out there - it was just a matter of finding them and getting them by the nuts.

A few days later Mrs Payne had a meeting with her accountant regarding her taxes. She had scheduled it late in the day so his receptionist/assistant would be gone for the day. Before the meeting she was thinking just how great it would be if she could do the same thing to Mr Tubbs as she had done to Fritz. She dressed the same way and went to Mr Tubbs office. She sat down beside him at his conference table and leaned forward in her low cut dress. Mr Tubbs, who was quite short, sat with his bald head down, peering through his spectacles at her tax return and mumbling about depreciated assets. She concluded it was hopeless in getting his attention as he droned on about liability reserves. Then with delight she realized that he was peeking at her breasts over the top of his glasses. Wasting no time Mrs Payne leaned forward to give Mr Tubbs a spectacular view of her nipples. Then, the same as with Fritz, she slipped forward off her chair and reached out to Mr Tubbs and with a tug, pulled him from his chair and the two of them landed on the floor. Also, the same as with Fritz, her hand landed in his crotch, on top of his erection. He asked if she was OK and she said she was and then asked him if he was OK to which she replied she was OK but a bit shaken up. She suggested they stay where they were on the floor until she had a chance to catch her breath. All the time she kept a firm grip on his throbbing erection.

She almost laughed out loud as she thought that for such a small man he sure had a big one. Then she gripped his erection tightly, shook it and shouted in indignation what did he think he was doing, slipping his erection into her hand. Mr Tubbs was clearly flustered and said he was sorry. Mrs Payne said she would make sure he was sorry as she slid her other hand down inside his pants. She wrapped her fingers around his testicles and squeezed. At the same time she started sliding her other hand up and down his erection. Mr Tubbs was groaning in a combination of pleasure and pain. She called him a dirty bastard and asked him if he masturbated. He denied it but as she tightened her squeeze on his nuts he shouted that he masturbated. She asked if it was every chance he got and as he wailed in agony he confessed it was every chance he got. Mrs Payne was delighted. Mr Tubbs was going get the full treatment of her aversion therapy. Here was a chance to help a fellow human being and get herself an accountant at her beck and call.

Mrs Payne had gottn herself into a sitting position on the floor between Mr Tubbs legs. She asked him if he knew what aversion therapy was but he just groaned. She managed to pull his phone off his desk and phoned Ms Wilson and apologized for phoning her so late in the day but could she please come to her accountants office in an hour or so and help her with some aversion therapy. Mrs Payne pulled down Mr Tubbs pants and went to work on his nuts. She put his hand on his erection and he was slowly masturbating. She told him that if he came she would rip his nuts right off. He believed her. After an hour Ms Wilson showed up. She was very accomplished at delivering aversion therapy and like all good therapists, she enjoyed providing therapy. She realized that squeezing men's nuts was for their own good. Ms Wilson squeezed his nuts for another hour and by then Mr Tubbs was like a babbling idiot, an idiot with a large erection and very painful nuts. Mrs Payne and Ms Wilson helped him get his pants up and helped him out to his car. As he sat behind the wheel Mrs Payne leaned over into the open car window to smile at Mr Tubbs and flash a view of her nipples. She asked him if he wanted more aversion therapy to cure him of his masturbation habit. He just nodded his head so she told him she would call him tomorrow and set up a time for him to come to her office for an hour of aversion therapy. Mrs Payne drove home very contented that she was going to cure a masturbator of his vile habit and also contented that she had now an accountant to go with her mechanic and dentist, all receiving aversion therapy. All she had to find now was a good attorney, a plumber and an electrician with masturbation compulsions.